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Turkish army officers said they seized power in the country as warplanes flew over the capital and tanks blocked roads in Istanbul. Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said his government is still in control and will resist. The military said in an e-mailed statement that it took power to restore freedom and democracy. It said all international agreements will be honored. It wasn’t clear whether the whole army was involved.

Fluid situation

The situation in Istanbul is very fluid at the moment. It appears the Erdogan government in Turkey is under pressure from the secular leaning military. Undoubtedly this stems from the perception that Prime Minister Erdogan is at the very minimum sympathetic to radical Islamic forces.


This twitter photo of the Turkish situation is form the Times of Malta

The terror transit point

Turkey is situated in a geographically important location. It serves as a crossroads into Europe and also a gateway into the war torn Middle East.

Many westerners transit Turkey on their way to join the Islamic State and ISIS, while Islamic terrorists cross the Turkish border to slip into the West. Coming in the wake of the ever increasing and deadly terrorist attacks throughout Europe, the recent English Brexit vote, this coup is a potentially ground shaking development in international politics.


It’s also noteworthy that the Obama administration once again seems to be caught flatfooted and clueless, completely off guard as international developments unfold around him and his officials

“I don’t have any details. I hope there will be peace, stability and continuity in Turkey.” Secretary of State John Kerry

That should come as no surprise as we have recently found out President Obama has NEVER met with Defense Intelligence Chief despite appointing him to multiple positions within his administration. I certainly hope our President is watching television because that’s where he seems to get the majority of his information on world events.

As I write this reports are coming in that Prime Minister Erdogan is seeking asylum in Germany. Given Germany’s liberal immigration laws these days he shouldn’t have much trouble…

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