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After a marathon negotiations, the 5+1 nations say they have reached a framework with Iran over their nuclear program that will allow talks to continue toward the June 30 deadline.  Is it enough? Will it prevent a nuclear bomb in Iran?



Here are some of the terms of the “framework” reached today as reported by CNN

The deal, announced Thursday evening in Switzerland, calls for Iran to limit its enrichment capacity and stockpile in exchange for the European Union lifting economic sanctions that have hobbled Iran’s economy.

Iran also agreed to enrich nuclear materials only at one plant, with other nuclear facilities converted for other uses, said Federica Mogherini, foreign policy chief for the European Union.

The United States would lift many sanctions on Iran after Iran’s implementation of the agreement is confirmed.

The preliminary agreement will not put an end to Iran’s enrichment activities, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif said.

“None of those measures include closing any of our facilities. The proud people of Iran would never accept that,” he said.

Iran will, however, abide by the agreement, which would limit enrichment activities to one location, he said.

The days ahead

In recent days an agreement was uncertain, as Iran continued to make more and more demands. Even the United States threatened to walk from the negotiations as the progress seemed stalled. The self-imposed deadline of Tuesday came and went.

Throughout the talks, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu continually warned of negotiations with Iran, due to their untrustworthy nature. Congress has been quick to warn that any deal reached without their consent is subject to possible retraction with the next President, as they also threatened to add more sanctions to Iran in the process.

Will it be enough to stop a bomb? Doubtful. Whether in 10 years by release or tomorrow by subterfuge, the deal still lets them enrich uranium. And what will lifting the economic sanctions do? In the short term it may give the nation some relief. But what will it do in the long term? How much will lies be involved and underhanded tactics such as building underground missile silos…

Stay tuned, America.

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