Breaking – Car Bomb Explodes Close to US Consulate in Irbil

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Irbil, Iraq – A car bomb exploded Friday on the perimeter of the U.S. Consulate in Irbil, Kurdistan, leaving possibly 3 dead and at least five wounded. There is conflicting information on the casualty count and wounded, but the US government says that all US personnel are accounted for at this time.


Car bomb that exploded not far from the U.S. Consulate in Irbil – twitter photo


Rudaw  (Independent Kurdish news agency in Irbil) reported,

The large explosion occurred at 5:40 pm, a busy time in the Christian neighborhood of Ainkawa popular with Westerners. The explosive-laden car detonated outside the heavily gaurded gates of the US Consulate and compound that houses diplomats and staff.

Gunfire erupted for several minutes after the after the blast but has since stopped, witnesses told Rudaw. 

According to initial reports, security guards tried to stop an attacker, possibly in a vehicle, when the explosive detonated. 

A source at a nearby Rojhalat Hospital confirmed the three deaths and the injury to a US citizen. 

A US official has been quoted saying US Consulate personnel are unharmed and accounted for.

Smoke rises from the site of a bomb attack in Irbil- Reuters photo


There has been no claim of responsibility as of this writing.

Irbil is the capital of the Kurdish autonomy zone in Iraq. ISIS came within a few miles of the city  in the summer of 2014, but were repelled by Kurdish fighters.

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