Bradenton Protest over Confederate Monument: Tank was Live

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On Monday, August 21, our own Rick Ferran- “Tank” was live streaming at the protest/rally in Bradenton, Florida over the Confederate monument. He heard some of the citizens there tell him that most of the protesters had been bussed in and weren’t from Bradenton in the first place. He was also interviewed on Trump TV.

Bradenton Confederate Monument

The area around Bradenton was once a ranch owned by the Uihlein Family (Lakewood Ranch). The Uihlein family were descendants of Southern Confederates. Their family bloodline was involved in the Confederate monument and they weren’t having anyone destroy it. They are also part of the Milwaukee Beer family- related to the Joseph Schlitz Brewing Company. They’ve got money, and they know what they want… to preserve their family heritage.

They had workers board up the monument prior to the “protest” so that it would not be torn down or damaged. Rumor had it that the family had already removed it to their private property, but that was a rumor and not verified.



The monument had the names of Jefferson Davis, Stonewall Jackson, and Robert E Lee engraved on one side, and a Confederate Flag on the other. It was erected in 1924 by the Judah P. Benjamin Chapter of the Daughters of the Confederacy.

A better  method of handling protests

Rick explained to us the major difference between the way Bradenton handled the protesters and other cities: the police showed up in riot gear and stood around the monument to protect it. They weren’t told to “stand down.”

“They weren’t messing around. They stood all around the monument. There were even undercover cops dressed in black. They did a great job.” Rick

Police locked off the streets around the monument so that people could not drive inside the perimeter.

“There were veterans  from WWII and Vietnam all over the place. Some of the veterans got into fights with Black Lives Matter. One of the patriot guys stole an Antifa flag. I talked to a Libertarian who was defending Antifa.” Rick

Tank discusses Antifa with a Libertarian

Rebecca from Trump TV caught up with Rick and interviewed him on camera:

Here’s a clip of the protest itself:

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