Fox45 – Man in Panda Suit and a Fake Explosive Shot

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Fox45 – Man in Panda Suit and a Fake Explosive Shot

Baltimore, MD – 1:20 p.m. A security person at the Fox45 station called police to advise that a man in an animal costume had walked into the news office and threatened staff.

The news media helped police evacuate the building as the man in the animal suit threatened to blow up the station if they did not air some information that was on a flash drive.

When he left that building he was shot by police because it appeared as if he was wearing a bomb type device.

Twitter photo of the aman in an animal suit

Replica explosive

He was in some sort of a Panda ‘onesie’ outfit. The man was wearing a surgical mask, as well as a red flotation item wrapped around him- that looked like an explosive belt. The “device” turned out to be chocolate candy bars wrapped in aluminum foil, a motherboard also attached with wires running down his sleeve. It was not an explosive device, but appeared to be one.

Police attempted to converse with him, and tried to get him to comply, but he refused and shook his head no. Because he was uncooperative, three officers fired. The suspect is in serious but stable condition at the hospital. He is expected to survive.

A nearby car was intentionally set on fire during the incident and was reportedly connected to the suspect. A bomb robot was used to remove the device from him after he was shot, because no one knew whether or not it was a real bomb.


Police on the scene of the Fox45 incident – Fox45 photo

Investigators are still clearing the building and attempting to make certain that there are no real bombs involved.

Was he mentally ill? Likely. But police do not know what is in someone’s fake device until it is checked out. The motive is unknown.

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