Bomb Detonates in St Petersburg, Russia- Multiple Injured

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A “homemade explosive device” tore through the Perekrestok supermarket in St Petersburg, Russia on Wednesday according to various media.  Ten people were injured in the blast, four of them were hospitalized, although no deaths were reported. One person is said to be in serious condition. Authorities said the explosion was the size of 200g of TNT (7 ounces). No one has claimed responsibility as of this writing.

At least 50 people were evacuated from the store after the blast. The bomb was hidden in the personal locker (storage) area where shoppers can leave their belongings. The market is located on the ground floor inside the Gigant Hall leisure center in Northwest St Petersburg. The mall was filled with thousands of shoppers at the time of the bomb explosion.

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Twitter photo of the area where the explosion occurred

Authorities have opened an investigation into what they say was an “attempted mass homicide” event.

“All possible versions of what has happened are being worked on. As of now, it has been established that 10 people were taken to the city’s hospitals with injuries. At the moment, the lives of those injured are not under threat.”  Alexander Klaus, the head of St Petersburg’s investigative committee

The homemade device was filled with metal fragments designed to cause maximum injury. It is fortunate that it exploded inside the locker rather than out in the traffic flow. The only structural damage was to a wall and a cash register inside the supermarket.

The US Embassy and Consulate issued an immediate alert to Americans traveling in Russia.

Featured photo: Twitter

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