Bomb in Beirut Targets Bank

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A bomb  placed under a car in central Beirut, Lebanon on June 12, detonated and created massive damage to the Blom Bank. Only minor injuries were reported. The last major bomb incident was in November of 2015, as we previously reported.

The incident took place at around 8 p.m. local time. But this time, it was apparent to officials that the target was specifically the bank, and that it was meant to send a message.

The message: don’t mess with Hezbollah

According to Reuters, the Lebanese Blom Bank is a “pillar” of the Lebanese economy. But Hezbollah has great influence in Lebanon, and the United States passed a measure that punishes any institution that provides significant finances to the terror group. [Hezbollah International Financing Prevention Act (HIFPA)- passed in December.]

The bank had recently closed a number of Hezbollah accounts in order to comply with the US requirements.

The bomb blast occurred during the iftar meal, during Ramadan. Iftar is the meal that breaks the daylong fast for observing Muslims,  so the casualties would have been at a minimum. Hezbollah apparently doesn’t like people messing with their finances.

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