Bodyguard Stabbed 9 Times After Free Speech Rally

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Antonio Foreman, 27, an Oath Keeper who sometimes works as a bodyguard, was stabbed 9 times in Santa Monica on June 17. The narrative of the media has branded him “alt-right” and some are even calling him a neo-nazi/white nationalist/white supremacist. Totally Fake News- and completely incorrect. The incident is being investigated as a road rage incident.


Tony Foreman

How did this happen?

Santa Monica Police posted:

“A preliminary investigation revealed as the victim was attempting to exit parking Structure 8 – 215 Colorado Ave, the victim drove up behind the suspect vehicle, which was at the pay station. The suspect vehicle was occupied by 2 male suspects. The victim and suspects got into an argument that continued as both vehicles pulled out of the parking structure and allegedly resulted in a minor traffic collision. The vehicles continued westbound on Colorado Avenue.

As the vehicles reached the 100 block of Colorado Blvd., the victim’s vehicle abruptly stopped in front of the suspect vehicle. The victim and suspects exited their vehicles and confront each other in the roadway. One of the suspects stabbed the victim and a fight ensued during which the victim is stabbed multiple times.

The suspects returned to their vehicle and fled the location.
At about 11:23 p.m., SMPD received a related radio call indicating the possible suspects involved were at UCLA Medical Center in Santa Monica. Officers responded and took both suspects into custody. The suspect vehicle was located in the Emergency Room parking area.

Police have arrested Edgar Khodzhasaryan, 30, of Glendale, and Arsen Bekverdyan, 31, of Burbank and they are charged with attempted murder. They are being held on a $1 Million bond.

The news media have called the event a “Trump rally.” While many of the attendees were pro-Trump, it was a rally for “Free Speech.”

The media focused, not on Mr. Navarro, the GOP candidate, but on another client/friend of Foreman’s, Tim Gionet (Baked Alaska on Twitter). This former reporter at BuzzFeed (a media more left than right) seems to be listed by the MSM as a ‘racist white guy.’ Their definitions are skewed.

Oath Keepers does not support White Nationalists, and does not allow them in their ranks.

“We are opposed to white nationalism because it judges people collectively, as a group, rather than individually, and because it divides the American people along racial lines, and is as divisive and destructive as black nationalism, or “Latino” nationalism.” Stewart Rhodes, Oath Keepers Founder

Tony Foreman has provided security for numerous people, not just Gionet.  But the media seems bound and determined to brand him as a racist because he’s white and supports the President. Shame on them.


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