Bob Lindsey Sr – 2A Sheriff for Los Angeles County, California.

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Bob Lindsey Sr is a candidate for Los Angeles County Sheriff.  We spoke to him on March 12. He is eminently qualified, compassionate yet tough, and understands his communities and deputies well… because he actually talks to them. The link to his campaign website is here.


We asked him how he would deal with the myriad of usually hostile groups in Los Angeles County, such as Southern California Cease Fire, and some Hispanic groups, etc. He had a solution:

“I believe in dialogue and building relationships. Last week I met with Southern California Cease Fire for 4 hours. I actively looked at the profiles of their leaders, and learned that some had lost a child to gunfire or ran social and community programs benefiting the less fortunate in the community.  I learned that what they really want is for someone to talk with them before such incidents happen, not after.”

He told us he received a lot of positive comments from the group. Bob Lindsey wants resolution to the problems, and hopes that by communicating with the different groups, he can make a difference. He has met with many across the ethnic spectrum.


Gun Control

In the land of California, rigid gun control and refusal to issue concealed carry permits is standard. Bob Lindsey is an enigma  – he strongly believes in the Second Amendment, and “shall issue” such permits. He is reportedly endorsed by Calguns and the California Rifle and Pistol Association. We asked him how that would work if he were to become sheriff.

“Law Enforcement has to be even – not discriminating against anyone… I’m not going out looking for the guns of law abiding citizens.”


He emphatically does not believe in “gun free zones.” We asked about the situation in Yountville, and this was his repsosne:

“We need trained citizens in every place, whether a school or a veteran’s facility, where the likelihood of a shooter is high. We need to bring guns back to those places in order to protect people. An active shooter can be taken down immediately with armed citizens. They can ban guns all they want, but criminals will always be able to get them. It leaves ordinary people without defense.” 


Bob Lindsey worked for 32 years in various aspects of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department until his retirement in 2011 as Commander of Court Services. He served in 24 different areas from Patrol stations to Gang operations as well as Administrative positions. He knows what it takes to run the LASD.


He believes that communication and mutual respect with the deputies is imperative, especially since deputy morale has been low.

The current sheriff, James McDonnell, has been accused of creating a political environment that marginalizes many of the deputies that have served without blemish, keeping them from promotion. He is accused of doing so for his own personal gain, rather than the welfare either of his constituents or deputies. Lindsey wants to  remove politics and the personal agenda from the department.


We found Bob Lindsey to be a genuine person who truly cares about both the deputies and the community. Los Angeles County has had its share of problems, and he wants to bring excellent leadership into the department. When employees know they are valued by leadership, they typically perform better. If Mr. Lindsey can apply that issue in the community, law enforcement will be safer, as will the citizens of the county.

These are a couple of his recent public remarks:


Round Table Discussion with La Verne CCW Members who were denied their Gun Rights by LASD:

All photo provided by the campaign.

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    Bob Lindsey for Sheriff – who will be the next Los Angeles County Sheriff. He has promised to help all of us with CCW’S …

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