Boat Parades for Trump – The “Not So Silent” Majority

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Florida – No, that wasn’t a school of fish off in the distance, and it certainly wasn’t quiet…  There were Trump flags, and American flags flying, complete with air horns as the boats sailed past Clearwater Beach. It was a cacophony of patriots in support of the President in boat parades.

There have been numerous boat parades for Trump in the last year or so. Organizers of this one were hoping that at least 1,181 boats would take to the waves in Clearwater, Florida. That many would break the world record, which stood at 1,180 in Malaysia in 2014.

Tampa.cbslocal reported:

According to the organizer’s website, the parade of boats was to begin at 10:10am, following the National Anthem and a low altitude flyover of World War II Bi-Planes. The start point was Pier 60 on Clearwater Beach, Florida and stretched south through the Pinellas Intercoastal Waterway, concluding in Madeira Beach area.

Big Boats, little boats, even a Pirate ship, yachts, all of them enthusiastically sailing to show their support for Trump.

Another floating parade in May brought a “Thank you” tweet from the President.

A large boat parade at Longboat Key in Florida in June also brought out the parade participants. But The Guiness Book of World Records still has Malaysia down as the largest parade, so organizers of the Clearwater event attempted a new record.  The boats only had to be present at the Welch Causeway in order to be counted.

With the President’s signature rallies shut down because of the coronavirus, supporters have taken to the lakes, rivers and coastline to show their backing of the President. And the energy appears to be just as high for the boat parades as it is for in-person rallies.

“This is a not-so-silent majority, and this is what’s going to get the president re-elected. These are families on every single boat, and they are not scared to be out there supporting President Trump and his great agenda.” Pam Bondi, former AG for Florida , organizer

The South Carolina boat parade, dubbed “Trumptilla,” in July was said to have 30,000 people and 3,400 boats (WLTX). With air horns, music, chanting and skydivers holding Trump signs and American flags, the festive atmosphere broke a record for Lake Murray near Columbia, SC.

The sense of freedom in and around these boat parades is unmistakeable.

“Where liberty dwells, there is my country.” Benjamin Franklin

Featured photo: screenshot via WFLA


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