Blue Wave in November? Not According to Primary Results. But YOU Must Vote!

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You can go surfing, but don’t count on riding a ‘Blue wave’ …the much touted situation against Trump appears to be a figment of the Democratic Party’s imagination.  The only problem comes if Republicans fail to go to the polls.

According to David Bossie in a Fox News report, the primaries in eight states on Tuesday revealed that Republicans who are on board with Trump’s agenda are “winning the support of the American people.”

In California’s “jungle primary” on Tuesday, Republicans won over 50% of the vote. Are they becoming fed up with the Socialist control of their state? Could be…and they are not alone.

Bossie, a former Deputy Trump Campaign Manager, noted,

“Fresh off one of the best jobs reports in years, voters came to the polls in the eight states where primaries were held with growing optimism and a feeling that there is reason to feel good again in America.

Hardworking Americans understand full well that voting for a Democrat for the U.S. House or U.S. Senate is a vote against the Trump prosperity and security agenda that has paved the way for the lowest unemployment rate in 18 years (3.8 percent), the highest consumer confidence in 17 years, the decimation of ISIS, and the return of American respect around the globe…

… A contested Senate race in deep blue New Jersey is something that national Democrats did not count on and will certainly make their pathway to a Senate majority that much more difficult.

The Tuesday primary results from California to Montana to New Jersey are cause for concern for the Democrats.

Voters showed that they appreciate it when politicians make promises and keep them. President Trump is making good on his campaign pledges. Voters are happy with our nation’s economic outlook and want it to continue. And they are tired of the two-year, $17 million phony Russia collusion investigation.”

The people can elect “crumby” Democrats like Nancy Pelosi, who has vowed to increase taxes and take away the Trump Tax cuts, since they were just “crumbs.” They can continue to elect Democrats who hate Trump’s progress like Maxine Waters, who continually reveals how bad she hates the President and wants him impeached, but has not a single plan of her own to counter all the things she claims are wrong with Trump.

It’s easy for Democrats to b****, but not so easy to actually have plans that increase jobs and bring freshness to the American economy. Racist, bigot, f***ing asshole, Russian puppet, clown, all terms that have been used to describe President Trump. And yet here we are with records on the Stock Market, record low unemployment, and hope for a brighter future. He’s even helped shatter that so called “glass ceiling” for women that Hillary harps about.

The moral of the story is: don’t stay home in November. Don’t count on the “red wave” because Democrats are prone to dirty tricks.  Make sure you are properly registered, and get to the polls. If you need a ride, find someone to take you there. Remember in 2016, when the Amish asked for a ride, they only needed 20 people, they got 1500. We must keep our majority. Now is not the time to take a nap during the elections – you have a voting right, exercise it.

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