Blue Lives Matter- a Reminder for National Police Week

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May 15 is Peace Officer’s Memorial Day with the ensuing week designated as National Police Week. The original designation for May 15 was signed by President Kennedy in 1962. There are special events in Washington DC, and across the country that draw thousands of officers and the families of the fallen. Even President Trump spoke at today’s event in Washington DC, a situation that was a wonderful departure from the previous President who virtually treated police as pariahs. But the day, and the week, are reminders that the cost of being a police officer in today’s world is extremely high.

“Our police have been subject to unfair defamation and vilification and — really, you see what’s going on — even worse, hostility and violence…True social justice means a future where every child in every neighborhood can play outside without fear, can walk home safely from school and live out the beautiful dreams that build their heart…I will always support the incredible men and women of law enforcement …” Donald Trump at the Peace Officer’s Memorial Day service in Washington DC

The facts

In 1961, there were 144 line of duty deaths, 58 of which were from gunfire. In 2016, there were 145 line of duty deaths, 63 of which were from gunfire. Already in 2017 there have been 48 line of duty deaths, 17 from gunfire. There have been six K9 officers who have died in the line of duty so far in 2017, 34 for the entire year in 2016- 10 of them by gunfire.

Under attack

All around the nation, various activist groups have police in their crosshairs. On April 22, Seattle’s Antifa posted a Krav Maga class specifically for the purpose of fighting everyone, including police. (Krav Maga is a lethal martial art that can create permanent damage to the opponent).

Black Lives Matter has targeted police continually in high profile incidents, with protests that have erupted in violence all across the nation. How many police officers have been killed because of the narrative of Black Lives Matter? Too many.


Police are under severe scrutiny by civil groups, the media, and governments…some oversight is always justified, but too much restricts the ability to do their jobs.

Baltimore, Maryland lost a high percentage of their police force after the Freddie Gray riots. As of April 2016, out of a police force of 2,300, 271 sworn officers left the department, and only 86 were hired to fill the 284 vacant positions. Violent crime in that city has continued to rise since then. After Freddie Gray’s death, the federal government under Obama’s DOJ started a civil rights investigation, then stepped in to regulate the Baltimore department, which only served to make the situation worse. Morale hit rock bottom.

Blue Lives Matter

When a police officer puts on his or her uniform for any city, town, or county across America, they enter a mine field in which one wrong step can blow up in their faces. They are shaken by tragedy just as anyone would be, but they must continue to do their jobs in spite of their feelings. They must be friend and foe at the same time. They are a brotherhood similar to the Military… they cry, they love, they play… and they die.

The blood of the fallen officers is the price tag of being a police officer.



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