Blue Line Bears Owner Receives Death Threats For Making Teddy Bears for Families of Fallen Officers

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Megan, the daughter of a police officer, recently graduated from High School. Three and a half years ago, she started the nonprofit “Blue Line Bears,” in order to make teddy bears for the children of fallen police officers. She actually makes them out of the uniforms that they wore when they worked for the law enforcement agency.  She and her family have been receiving death threats because she supports police, even vile remarks from her own so-called “friends.” (LawEnforcementToday)

Blue Line Bears posted on Facebook:

Saying I am heartbroken is an understatement. 3 and a half years ago when I started Blue Line Bears tensions were high in the United States and police officers were under attack. I received hate comment after hate comment, most along the lines of “I hope your dad is the next Officer you make a bear for.” The hate comments never truly disappeared, but they became less frequent until these past couple of weeks.

I posted something that was pro-police on my own personal social media and got attacked by my own classmates calling me all sorts of things. People who I saw as friends blocked me and called me toxic. I watched the increase in police injuries in New York and wondered if those were officers I’ve given a patch to.

I scrolled through social media posts to be met with nothing but anti-police rants. My heart broke more and more everyday. Yesterday my family made the decision to get rid of the wrap on my Jeep, because it’s not safe for me to drive anymore. My heart shattered and I finally let myself cry over this (as seen in the deleted post from yesterday). The comments were positive in the beginning until we got hundreds of comments wanting my dad dead and saying they hope he gets shot in the face.

I have stayed silent until now, but I’m not doing that anymore. These people can troll and hate on my dad and me, but all they’re doing is fueling the fire that will make Blue Line Bears more and more successful. I will not stand down.

Facebook photo showing the wrap that Megan had to remove from her Jeep because of safety.

The hate spewed at Megan and her father is ridiculous. The ‘about’ section of her Blue Line Bears Facebook page reveals why she does what she does. It takes a special kind of evil to throw such venom at a person who cares so deeply about police and children. She is correct – the harder they hate on her for the support of law enforcement, the stronger she will become.

The ‘about’ section of her Facebook page says this (in part) about why she makes the teddy bears:

 Children of law enforcement officers grow up realizing that their parent’s life is at risk every day they go to work. Add to that the fact that there is much public ridicule of law enforcement officers, and deaths in the line of duty are sudden, shocking and violent. With all of this in mind, Blue Line Bears will not only provide a lasting keepsake to help keep the officer’s memory alive, but will also help their child to see that there are caring individuals who respect and appreciate men and women in uniform. Children of officers killed in the line of duty are oftentimes young, perhaps too young to remember the parent who died. For those children, a bear from Blue Line Bears will provide a tangible reminder that their loved one will always be with them.

Hang in there, Megan. Leftists are oblivious to the hearts of anyone, and their purpose is to destroy.

Featured photo: Facebook photos combination via BlueLine Bears showing the teddy bears she makes.


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  • Jody Hughes

    I hope she gets to make thousands of bears, I hope the demand for dead cop bears goes through the stratosphere.

    • Mike

      Jody Hughes you’re an ignorant racist POS for saying that kind of thing. Seriously. You epitomize the reason why people like me support destroying anything that gives leftists more power or voice. You can’t handle it.

    • Tjle

      Disgusting human being. Sick. Psychotic, pond scum. Rot.

    • Nancy Hull

      I think it would be wonderful if she never needed to make another bear, but since that probably won’t happen, God bless her and give her the strength to keep going. I am sad for Hughes and hope that she will eventually realize how foolish and mean her comment is.

    • Ed

      You are a fucking idiot Jody. In a time of trouble call your local cop, junkie and negro; see whick one comes to your aid! Stupid leftist bitch.

    • Kim Morris

      Your one sick individual and you should be ashamed of your viciousness, hate, bias and bigotry!! What are you gonna do when you need a cop? Try and kill them or be grateful for their help? You make me sick!!

    • Holly

      The difference between you and the police officer is that no matter how ugly you are towards them, if you or someone you loved needed them, they would be there for you….while YOUR only contribution to the globe is your hate and oxygen consumption.

    • Pam

      You don’t believe in karma yet, do you? Just wait…

    • David Snow

      You are a piece of shit

  • Wendy

    Such a wonderful young lass. I really hope that the need for these blue line bears disappears in our lifetime. Blessings to you all from Australia

  • Tjle

    God bless this woman for the ray of happiness she brings to these families. The haters should be ashamed…..those like Jody Hughes commenting on this thread.

  • Dr.Elizabeth Pepe

    Megan’’s work is extremely important and highly needed for the children our fallen officers.

    Today, a friend of mine sent me a video of a very large/muscular black male vehemently villainizing the cowards, thugs, bullies, and subhuman people who are attacking the police, medical first responders, delivery people, private citizens, and store owners trying to protect their property. He ended his video saying that his words were “common sense”, and they were. My point of saying this is that, although he did not directly say so, he was in your corner so to speak, and such behaviors should not be tolerated. I mentioned that he was black because then no one listening to him could accuse him of being racist.

    I wish we could get someone like him, or preferably him, to post a video speaking on your behalf. With that be of any benefit to you and your cause?

  • Diana

    Megan…hang in there and keep being a great example of an American. People who have done really good things and had a super message for everyone always have the lazy voices harassment…


    We are at War with a bunch of Sick and Perverted Leftists that will stop at nothing to Destroy this Nation!

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