Bloomsburg University Professor’s Anti-Trump, Anti-American Hatred

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We received an email from John Fromille, a Marine veteran who served three combat tours in Iraq and received two Purple Hearts. He is a student at Bloomsburg University in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. He told us about a professor at his school who is using her position to push a left-wing, vicious, anti-Trump ideology. This kind of thing has been occurring across the country in our schools from elementary to college and everywhere in between. Here is his statement to us, which reads in part:

“Professor Wendy Lee is a professor at my university. From her office window in a major thoroughfare that thousands of students have to walk by a day, she has an upside down American Flag and a sign that reads “Biggest Shithole In The World Is Donald Trumps Racist Soul.”

My issue with this is the fact that she’s using a government/state owned building, payed for with taxpayers’ money, to display the American Flag upside down and her sign, pushing her own ideologies and indoctrination upon our children.

Furthermore, she has a history of doing this and has discriminated against students who have either been military, or who oppose her ideology by kicking them out of class, threatening to call the cops on them, or punishing them by giving them substantially lower grades. I feel the hypocrisy is astounding. If a conservative professor would do the very same things she has been doing, such as displaying signs from their office windows, the university shuts these people down immediately.

Everyone is entitled to their own 1st amendment rights. But she’s using her position of authority and power, abusing it, by pushing her own ideologies and agenda on children in an academic setting, using state/government owned buildings.

My goal is to create AWARENESS to EFFECT change. Students have complained about this before using the appropriate chains of command within the university. However, the university does nothing because there is no public awareness about this. So far, my original post has over 1,000 shares and and has almost 2k in comments. I’ve conducted two interviews with local media outlets. Already, Bloomsburg University is feeling the pressure. They have recieved dozens and dozens of phone calls from concerned citizens.”

  • Allen Schwartz

    People with this level of hatred for our nation do not need to be in a position to teach it to our children. Education is not indoctrination and it is way past time to put a stop to this stuff.

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