Blake Hampe -Antifa Thug Who Stabbed Conservative Videographer Released on Bail

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Portland, Oregon – A Black Trump supporter, Conservative videographer Andrew Duncomb, was allegedly stabbed by Blake Hampe on July 25. Hampe is a convicted pedophile and member of Antifa. Hampe was charged with 2nd Degree Felony Assault. But yesterday, as keeps happening with these criminals, he was bailed out. And just two days before an event scheduled at the Justice Center in Portland on Saturday, Aug 15. Convenient.

Andrew Duncomb, who goes by “Black Rebel” on Twitter, said he went downtown to show that the Feds weren’t the “only ones” causing violance. (Oregon Live) As he walked along the street, he was allegedly stalked by Hampe for a few blocks, then the suspect ran up to him and stabbed him in the lower flank, narrowly missing his spine. Here is the video of his appearance on the Tucker Carlson show.:

Now he is back out on the street, thanks to …who? Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and assorted rioters have routinely been bailed out of jail for their serious offenses by left wing groups. One of those groups is the  PDX Bail Fund. There are many left wing groups that bail out these violent criminals- some of whom are supported by celebrities, and even Joe Biden’s campaign (Fox).

“The antifa stabbing suspect was bailed out today. I assume that he (like the other violent criminal suspects) was bailed out by antifa bail group who raised $1.3m on GoFundMe.” Andy Ngo

Duncomb has been doxxed continually by Antifa. They work hard to destroy anyone who opposes them, and skin color means nothing. They hate everyone. They are terrorists.

Blake Hampe’s record for child pornography is from the State of Maine in 2007, when he was indicted by a Grand Jury. The Judge in the case suppressed some of the evidence such as a few of his statements, but not all, which resulted in a conviction.

While the personal search was underway, Officers Spencer and Garcia, perhaps assisted by Officer Ruddnick, continued to search the vehicle. They found a lot of merchandise for children. In addition to the sleeping bags, there were children’s stickers, children’s underwear, children’s towels or blankets with super heroes printed on them and packages of trading cards.
The officers also found 12 -15 condoms, a container of personal lubricant, a camera, a cell phone and an Apple laptop computer. Spencer reported the additional findings to Hartley and indicated that he and the other officers had by now developed a suspicion that there might be child pornography on the computer or camera. Hartley agreed that a reasonable suspicion existed and he authorized an officer to check the computer for pornographic images.

US District Court of Maine

Antifa creeps like Hampe are walking around the streets of Portland with impunity.

Featured photo: L-Blake Hampe (mug shot), R-Andrew Duncomb (Twitter photo)


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