BlackLivesMatter wants police float OUT of the Vancouver Pride Parade

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BlackLivesMatter wants police float OUT of the Vancouver Pride Parade

BlackLivesMatter  wrote a letter to demand that the Vancouver police department remove their float from the Gay Pride Parade because it “creates an atmosphere that is unsafe in the community.”

Unsafe atmosphere? 

A similar situation occurred in Toronto, Canada recently in which BLM protesters told leaders they wanted all police floats banned from future Pride parades. Pride organizers there said they signed the demands just to get the process moving, but would not implement anything without consultation.

BLM is suggesting a “public service float” that brings in Fire/Paramedics/police rather than a police only float. Their letter read in part:

“We acknowledge that in certain contexts police presence to perform a job of civil service may deter acts of homophobia and violence, especially at designated queer events such as Pride…

“However, we cannot divorce the policing institution from its historical and continued violence against Indigenous and (minority) communities, racial profiling, or inaction around our missing Indigenous women…” BLM letter

In other words, they want police protection, but…they hate the police. ???


Vancouver pride parade 2015 – Photo via Vancouverlookout


Hateful rhetoric – an exclusion policy

CBC Canada reported,

The Vancouver group said it will not take part in the Pride Parade on July 31, by participation or protest, as an act of solidarity with other Black Lives Matter chapters and because Pride no longer represents “community action, resistance and revolution.

Translation: BlackLivesMatter’s purpose is to stir up as much trouble as possible and get even with cops in the process.

While governments and groups desperately search for a way to make things more “inclusive,” BLM works in the opposite direction: Separation, Exclusion, Hate.

Backlash against BLM

Not everyone is happy about BlackLivesMatter intruding in the LGBT issue, and especially with excluding police from the event.

Jenn said it all in her post:

Looks like Vancouver is headed down the same exclusionary path as BLM in Toronto. How is it possibly reasonable to request exclusion of a specific group in a parade that’s very purpose is to celebrate and take pride in new found and hard won inclusion?

I have real trouble with the essentially hate driven agenda of this organization. I can reasonably assume that anyone from BLM would be angered and deeply offended if someone characterized ALL black people as criminals, however it’s okay to exclude ALL Police officers from a parade because some officers may have overstepped therefore ALL Cops target and persecute blacks? This not only makes no logical sense whatsoever it promotes exclusion, hate and mistrust the very things we all need to eliminate to move forward peacefully.

Wendell posted:

I’ll tell you all now that as a member of the gay community as well as a volunteer to help plan the Columbus Ga gay pride event here that if any of the BLM folks were to ask this of us or the police they would be told to get their black asses out of our event because we will not nor will we ever segregate any group,race,agency or organization that is there supporting our cause in any way,shape,form or fashion. This really burns my ass to see this shit going on.

John posted:

I’m in Vancouver right now….our liberal PM is Obama 2.0 but the majority of people will not succumb to these scumbags…We have a shitload of Hells Angels here that also will not tolerate that crap…They’re all about respect and these scum are disrespectful.

It seems that BLM is alienating everyone these days.


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