Black Lives Matter, Blue Lives Matter, All Lives Matter, Got It. How about Stupid Lives?

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Lake Arthur, Louisiana police officer Raymond Mott was fired recently after being photographed at a Ku Klux Klan rally offering a NAZI style salute of support.

all lives matter

Raymond Mott (left) giving a nazi salute in support of the KKK

Us or Them Perception

Cops have taken a lot of flack lately. National attention was brought upon law enforcement last summer after Officer Darren Wilson shot and killed Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. National news has focused on cops following events in Ferguson, New York, Baltimore and South Carolina.

Admittedly, much of the negative perception of law enforcement is earned. Even though national news media has also reported of numerous cops doing good things, it’s the police brutality and over reach that make headlines. As the saying goes, ‘If it bleeds it leads’, has never been more true than now.

Not Mensa Material

What can you say about a cop in Louisiana, the deep south, with the history associated with blacks, slavery and the Klan, that openly admits association with the Klan then allows photos of himself to be posted to social media. Either he is too stupid to be a police officer, or has not the attitude nor personality to be police officer, or both. I mean , ‘OMG!! What were you thinking??’

System Works

For the good citizens of Lake Arthur, LA, the system worked. Lake Arthur Police Chief Ray Marcantel demanded Mott’s resignation. Mott, still refusing to exercise the few brain cells God granted him, refused to resign.

Not to worry, the  Lake Arthur Town Council unanimously voted to fire him.

Deny, Deny……Confess

Mott, caught off guard by the photo becoming public, decided to explain himself with the best plan his limited brain power could muster. Mott claimed he was at the North Carolina KKK rally working undercover for the FBI.

Really?? You’re not fabricating a tale to impress some equally daft redneck chick. Did you ever consider the Chief of Police would pick up the phone and verify your story with the FBI?

I swear, they have got to make the civil service exam harder.

Mott, eventually seeing the holes in his story, confessed to his lie admitting the photo accurately depicted him at the Klan rally.

Maintaining he did nothing wrong, Mott plans to fight his termination which he says did not follow proper city procedure. Speaking with reporters Mott said,

‘The picture speaks for itself. I’m standing at a rally against illegal immigration. There’s not much to be said about the picture. I’ve never denied it was me.’

Hmmm…..technically that’s true.   He never denied it was him, just the reason he was attending the KKK event.

Mott claims he has already contacted an attorney and plans to sue.

Ku Klux Klan

To anyone with at least a 3 digit IQ, this may be hard to accept, but still in 2015, the Klan is alive and well in America. The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) keeps tabs on so called hate groups. The SPLC says the rally Mott attended last month in Troy, North Carolina was organized by the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, one of the largest Klan groups in the country.

Bad Cop, Gone Cop

Lake Arthur is a small town less than 200 miles from New Orleans with less than 3000 people residing. After coming to Lake Arthur, Mott quickly rose to the top as the officer with the most arrests under his belt.

Lake Arthur residents were shocked to find out one of their ‘finest’ is Klan member.

Michael Cassidy is the district attorney for the 31st Judicial District Court which serves Lake Arthur. According to Cassidy all arrests made by Mott that lead to prosecutions will be reviewed.

Black lives, yes. White Lives, of course. All lives matter…Blue lives yes, absolutely. Well, except maybe……never mind.

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