Birthday party turns deadly in Berkeley, 5 killed, 8 injured

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A college birthday party turned deadly in Berkeley, California early Tuesday morning, when a balcony on the 4th floor of an apartment building collapsed, killing 5 students from Ireland. 8 others are critically injured.


The 4th floor balcony broke off from the wall, sending 5 people to their deaths, and injuring 8 others.
[Twitter photo]

The call came into police shortly before 1 am Tuesday morning. The students had been celebrating a 21st birthday in the apartment complex. 4 students were killed immediately as they fell to the sidewalk, and one died at the hospital later. 8 others have life-threatening injuries. The victim’s ages ranged from 20-22. The rest of the students injured may also be from Ireland, according to Sky News.


Debris from the Berkeley balcony collapse- Twitter photo

According to witnesses, there were 12-14 people on the balcony when it gave way. Up to 50 people had attended the party. The victims fell 40 feet to the sidewalk when the balcony fell onto the 3rd floor balcony below it.

Irish Foreign Affairs Minister Charles Flanagan acknowledged that the 5 victims were all Irish Students in the US on educational visas. The US Ambassador to Ireland sent his condolences and issued a statement as word of the tragedy spread. The Irish consulate in San Francisco stated they would provide assistance to those affected.

“It’s an appalling tragedy, an appalling loss of life for young people whose hopes and dreams of the future have suddenly and without notice been shattered.” Charles Flanagan, Irish Foreign Affairs Minister

Streets were blocked off as officials checked the stability of the apartment complex in an effort to determine the cause of the collapse.

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