Bill Clinton: “Norms Have Really Changed In Terms Of What You Can Do To Somebody Against Their Will”

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Bill Clinton, alias “Slick Willy,” shoved his foot in his mouth on June 7 with a Freudian Slip that is still making waves across social media. In an interview on PBS News Hour he said: “Norms have really changes in terms of what you can do to someone against their will.” Yep, he really said that. Then he claimed to be an “old-fashioned person.”

“Old-fashioned.” Riiight.

He was talking with the PBS anchor about Al Franken and the scandal that forced him to resign from Congress, as well as the #MeToo movement. But he spoke as if you could do things to women in the past, without their consent, that aren’t ok now. Let’s see, like rape, for example. Don’t worry, at least social media didn’t let him get away with it:


Featured photo: screenshot via Hannity

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