Bikers 9-11 Memorial Event in New Castle, PA Runs Into Politics

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9-11 memorial event: Bikers for Trump (Boots on the Ground) in conjunction with Bikers for America planned the “Never forget 9-11” rally in New Castle, Pennsylvania designed to be a commemorative service. They began running into snags trying to obtain an event permit with both Lawrence County and the City. The rally is being held today as this is being written – Saturday, September 9.

 Lawrence County Courthouse 12 noon EDT

9-11 memorial event permit problems and attacks

Originally, Act for America was in charge of the rally, but after receiving death threats from Antifa, they backed out. Bikers, on the other hand, never back down.

A group sent a letter signed by numerous people to the Mayor saying that the rally was bigotry and the bikers group were “white supremacists” and urging him to make a public statement against them. The bikers certainly are NOT what that group claimed. Bikers for Trump (Boots on the Ground) and the Bikers for America groups have nothing to do with white supremacists of any kind.

The County Commissioners “fast tracked” some rules on Tuesday expressly targeting the rally organizers.  They said that the organizers had to provide their own security, crowd control, and were responsible for any and all damages and criminal activity whether the perpetrators were with the rally or not. Which is clearly not legal. Even the attorneys told them not to sign the application. Plus, the county refused to send the bikers a copy of the rules.

The bikers have filed charges against the officials for violating their civil rights with the Department of Justice.They have also filed for an injunction against the commissioners.

The Sheriff and District Attorney support the rally organizers. The Sheriff has stated they will not stand down if told to so do.

Hopefully, this rally will go off without a hitch if they don’t have Antifa or some other violent terrorists show up. We will update you later today in this article to let you know the outcome.


“We at Bikers for America would like to thank John Pace PA VP of Bikers for Trump boots on the ground for stepping up to the plate & calling out the New Castle Commissioners. They were wrong creating a “new permit” process in their attempts to stop Americans from Honoring all victims of 9-11. It appears they just want us all to forget 9-11 and who caused it! We stand with & Beside Bikers for Trump – Boots on the Ground in this event.”

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