Biden Wins South Carolina Amidst Gaffes, Questions About Mental Acuity

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The headlines read “Biden wins South Carolina.” And he did. Joe Biden pulled a victory out of the hat on Saturday in South Carolina’s primary, winning at least half of the 54 Democrat delegates up for grabs. It was the first time he won a Democrat primary. Ever. His campaign was resurrected from failure to hope in spite of his recent gaffes.

“You launched Bill Clinton, Barack Obama to the presidency. Now you launched our campaign on the path to defeating Donald Trump.” Biden Wins South Carolina via RealClearPolitics

Right after his win, he seemed to slip into a ‘Southern accent.’ Recently he has forgotten where he was, saying he was in North South Carolina. He’s called former British leader Theresa May, “Margaret Thatcher” twice.  He called a voter a “Lying dog-faced pony soldier.” He referred to the use of Hellfire Missiles in reference to gun owners. He said that “poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids.” He said “We choose truth over facts.”


On Feb 28, Joe Biden told a South Carolina audience that he was looking forward to “appointing the first African American woman to the Senate.”

Um, Joe, did you mean the Supreme Court? Because you can’t appoint people to the Senate…and besides, an “African American” Senator like Kamala Harris who is already there would take offense. Sigh.

When speaking with another audience in South Carolina after his victory, he endorsed a Democrat, Jaime Harrison, for “president.”

At one rally earlier in the year, he asked the audience if anyone benefitted from the Trump Tax cuts. When one man raised his hand, Joe immediately said that the “first thing” he would do as President would be to repeal Donald Trump’s Tax cuts (Daily Wire).

“Biden actually said this would be the “first thing” he’d do, to great applause from an audience that would see their taxes go up if the former vice president really were to repeal the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA).”

Way to win friends and influence people, Joe. Are Democrats really this stupid that they’d vote for someone to raise their taxes?

Back in January, he told an audience that he could die in office. Yes, he really said that.

Giving him the benefit of the doubt, it appears that sometimes he attempts to correct what comes out of his mouth as it is coming out (like that North South Carolina thing). By then it’s too late.

The President made fun of Joe Biden at CPAC by saying that if he gets President, he won’t be governing the country – he’ll be in a rest home. He may be right.

Featured photo: Screenshot of Joe Biden (file)


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