Biden Tells Auto Worker “You’re Full of S***, Shushes Female Aide

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Joe Biden told an auto worker in Detroit that he was “full of s***”  when confronted about his gun control agenda, and then argued that he supports the 2nd amendment. When a female aide tried to lead him away, he “shushed” her, saying “Men are talking.” Then in parting, he told the auto worker he’d like to “slap “him in the face.”

The auto worker at the Fiat-Chrysler plant in Detroit confronted Biden after seeing an online video about his real agenda regarding guns and told the candidate he was actively trying to remove 2nd amendment rights. That’s when Biden erupted. The man then responded with “You work for me, man.”

“When a man assumes a public trust, he should consider himself as public property.” Thomas Jefferson

As Biden was arguing, a female staffer attempted to intervene and lead him away. He “shushed” her and said, “Men are talking.”

That’s not sexist… or is it?

Being the elitist fool that Biden is, he retorted that he doesn’t work for the man, and then told him not to be such a “horse’s ass.”

He pressed the man to acknowledge that machine guns are illegal. Duh. He mistakenly called the rifles in question “AR-14s” and said that they are illegal. Then he asked why anyone would need “100 rounds.” AR-15s are not illegal and they are not machine guns. But arguing with a dementia patient is an exercise in futility.

(Symone Sanders is a campaign adviser to Biden.)

Biden states that he is a 2nd amendment supporter, but he has gravitated sharply to the left from his “early days” where he called himself  “moderate.” Seriously, he thought of himself as a moderate Democrat.

RealClearPolitics reported in 2019,

If anything, the famously friendly politician has become more aggressive and impatient. He complains that Canadian geese get more protection than American schoolchildren. He regularly lambasts the gun lobby. He labels gun manufacturers, including a former donor, “the enemy.”

…Every veteran campaign hand and every advocate and every operative who spoke to RCP described Biden as the gold standard of gun control. His resume goes back decades. He is the guy who helped push through the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act in 1993 and the guy who got the assault weapons ban to the finish line in 1994 and the guy who quarterbacked the Obama administration response to gun violence in that president’s second term.

Joe Biden has never been “moderate.” Easily manipulated, perhaps, or lead around by the political view of the day, yes. Though his mental acuity is in question (one doctor thinks it was caused by an aneurysm surgically removed from years ago), we think he’s the real horse’s ass.

Featured photo: screenshot via Steve Guest on Twitter


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