Biden Supporter, Netflix Star Raided by FBI for Soliciting Sex With Minors

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This isn’t going to look good on Biden’s campaign resume. The campaign staff used Jerry Harris to push for more Black voters in a video with Joe Biden. Harris, who has over a million followers, is a Netflix star from the documentary “Cheer”  -he is being investigated for his alleged solicitation for sex of twin boys age 14. He is called an “influencer” on the internet. Which is not good, considering the investigation.

USA Today reported,

The FBI is investigating allegations that celebrity cheerleader Jerry Harris solicited sexually explicit photos and sex from minors, multiple sources told USA TODAY. Agents executed a search warrant Monday afternoon at a home in Naperville, Illinois, as part of that investigation.

“The FBI is conducting court-authorized law enforcement activity in the area,” Siobhan Johnson, FBI special agent and public affairs officer, told USA TODAY. She declined further comment.

Harris, who gained national prominence when he was featured in Netflix’s recent “Cheer” docuseries, has not been criminally charged. Harris, 21, did not respond to a request for comment.

The criminal investigation is based on allegations brought by 14-year-old twin brothers. In interviews with USA TODAY, the boys described a pattern of harassment, both online and at cheer competitions, that started when they were 13 and Harris was 19. They said it continued for more than a year.

Those allegations were also reported to police by Varsity Brands, a private company that dominates the cheerleading industry, handling everything from uniform sales to major competitions. Harris is accused of asking one of the brothers to have sex with him in 2019 at two Varsity cheerleading competitions.

The post with Joe Biden was removed from Instagram, but since the Internet is forever, Free Beacon’s Brent Scher took a screenshot:

Netflix star Harris was part of Biden’s campaign to “win back the internet.” But Netflix has been doing enough to destroy the movie giant by promoting disgusting movies like “Cuties” which we previously reported sexualized young girls.   They’ve been “bleeding” subscribers for some time.

The FBI spent 3 hours at Harris’ Naperville, Illinois home during the raid.

Make no mistake, Biden himself has taken criticism for sniffing young girls’ hair and having children rub his “leg hair” or sit on his lap. He has regularly made young girls uncomfortable. His campaign staff should have done a little better job of vetting.

Remember these?


The Daily Mail captured the deleted video:

Featured photo: Screenshot via Daily Mail


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