Beware Antifa Violence – WholeFoods, Apple Store Trashed, Included Threats

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Antifa violence is well known, and we have seen it played out in Portland, Seattle, and every other major left wing city in the United States and Europe in conjunction with Black Lives Matter riots.  Antifa is International and its violence is growing, thanks to those who are supporting it financially. In Greece on Monday, a cache of explosives was found in an Antifa lair. On Saturday, Antifa in conjunction with “defund the police” rioters, trashed a WholeFoods Store and Apple Store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and wrote: “Murder Bezos” on the wall.

antifa violence

Screenshot showing the “murder Bezos message” via LiveLeak

Fox Business published an article written by New York Post reporters that called them “protesters.” No. Terrorists. Dangerous international terrorists who espouse killing, assault, vandalism, and violence. It is past time to do something.

antifa violence

Screenshot of window smashed at Apple Store in Brooklyn

Fox Business published this:

The rowdy mob marched through the Brooklyn neighborhood late Saturday, with police first receiving a 911 call at 8:20 p.m. about vandalism at an Apple Store on Bedford Avenue, where they found broken windows and the letters “FTP” – typically meaning “F–k the police” in this context – spray-painted on the wall, cops said.

The protesters, who also targeted a Whole Foods store in the neighborhood, tagged one building with the message “Murder Bezos,” according to reports.

At 11:48 p.m., another 911 call sent police to North 10th Street, where more broken windows and graffiti were found. “Die Yuppy” was spray-painted on a Compass Real Estate outlet at the scene.

Police stated that “officers observed a group of approximately 75 people believed to be part of the Antifa group.”

These are not just “rowdy mobs” and until that narrative is stopped, this will continue. Daily Mail and LiveLeak published videos about the violence in Brooklyn that showed several individuals dressed in black trashing the WholeFoods and Apple stores, and tagging threats against the owner, Jeff Bezos.

One business owner whose realty business was trashed stated,  “The irony of it is you can clearly tell that everyone on the video is White. And it’s like, do you guys even know what you’re doing this for?”

Here is where education matters: Antifa’s only agenda is to destroy America. They are Communist anarchists, as are Black Lives Matter rioters. The leftist media, including Fox News, NEEDS to stop promulgating the propaganda of terrorists.

Antifa: International Terrorists

On Monday, a raid at an Antifa lair in Greece found explosives, weapons, a false ID, and other items. Europe has been dealing wtih Antifa for a long time – America needs to stop playing stupid games with them.

Breitbart wrote,

“Police raided the Terra Incognita squat on Monday and released a list of items found at the building which has been illegally occupied by far-left Antifa anarchist militants since February of 2004.

Among the items discovered by police during the raid were various containers containing flammable materials, improvised explosive devices (IEDs), firecrackers taped to gas canisters, a fake ID card, helmets and other protective equipment along with electronic devices, Proto Thema reports

Investigators also found €1,500 in cash and a book listing financial contributions to the anarchist group…

Antifa violence has grown across many countries in Europe in recent years, with plots to kill police discovered in France and an Italian militant arrested last month in France in connection to the bombing of a police barracks in Rome in 2017.

In Germany, domestic security services have expressed fears that extremist elements within Antifa could begin targetted assassination attempts on both police officers and political opponents in the near future.

In May in France, an Antifa bomb factory was raided:

In June, Greek authorities arrested minors who had been recruited by Antifa and were planning to use Molotov cocktails to attack police.

Here in the U.S. a large number of weapons parts are being illegally shipped here. The CBP has seized many shipments of weapons parts from China that were not sent to FFL holders. Who were the people set to receive the weapons parts? Seattle, Louisville, the CBP has been busy intercepting illegal weapons parts shipments from China. Is China sending them to our rioters here? And if so, the danger is increasing exponentially, not just against law enforcement, but against citizens.

Check this out – and this is just Louisville:

Antifa violence will continue to increase – in conjunction with Black Lives Matter rioters, the danger is intensifying.

Featured photo: Screenhot – Antifa attacks WholeFoods in Williamsburg Brooklyn.


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