Bernie Sanders thinks food lines are a good thing- videos

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Bernie Sanders thinks food lines are a good thing

A video surfaced not long ago from 1985 in which Bernie Sanders praised Communist Dictator Fidel Castro. Now one has come to light in which he not only praises Communists, but says that lining up for food is a “good thing.”

bernie sanders

Bernie Sanders (Credit Image: © Brian Cahn via ZUMA Wire)

Can a leopard change its spots?

Bernie is an idiot and his followers? Let’s just call them “uninformed.” If he was favorable to the Communism of Central America and Cuba back then, just what makes anyone think he’s “changed his mind” now? Now he claims to be in favor of “Democratic Socialism” like Sweden or Denmark. Uh,huh. Leopards don’t change their spots.

This video is an interview with Michael Moynihan from the Daily Beast.

Rich still get the food, and the poor are poorer

Then there is the video below that shows what it’s REALLY like in those countries where “the rich get the food and the poor stave to death”….uh, wait, Bernie, these were those food lines you just said were a good thing. The rich STILL get the food and the poor are even poorer.

Good for somebody, but not for the ordinary people in Communist Dictatorships. Communism favors a certain group – it is not and never will be “equal.” Your land or livestock is confiscated by the government- not the “people.” Communism does NOT work and never has. Bernie is still an idiot.

It’s a common sense thing- something which completely skipped Bernie at birth. When God gave out brains, Bernie thought He said trains and he didn’t want any. He is hard-pressed to explain those 1985 videos to America now.

Democratic Socialism

Let’s talk about “democratic socialism” – which is not really what Bernie is about- he’s about raw, nasty Communism. But for the sake of argument, let’s talk Sweden.

The “free health care” argument. Their socialism cannot take the pressure of all the immigrants coming into the country. Giving them all “free health care” or free anything will break the nation – it will totally be destroyed. The same goes for Denmark, Norway, and other nations like them.

Wait until all of these “democratic socialist” nations go under. Then Bernie will have his chance to talk bread lines.


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