Berkeley: Bizarre Plan to Have Unarmed Civilians Make Traffic Stops

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The leaders of Berkeley, California plans for “police reform” means they are removing traffic stops, mental health calls, crisis management and homeless ‘outreach’ from the jurisdiction of police. Their plan is to send UNARMED civilians to do those things.  Liberals are delusional.

The East Bay Times reported,

“This is going to be a community-driven process,” Arreguin said. “Taken together, these proposals initiate a restructuring and redefinition of health and safety for all Berkeleyans with the immediate, intermediate and longer term steps to transform our city into a new model that’s community-oriented and equitable.”

The mayor’s proposal calls for spending $160,000 from the city auditor’s budget to assess police calls and responses, and $200,000 to hire consultants to examine the department’s policies toward alternative and restorative justice models. Those recommended policy changes would be examined as early as the November budget process, and may be considered in April and June of 2021, Arreguin said.

Arreguin’s measure also listed Vice Mayor Sophie Hahn, and council members Ben Bartlett and Kate Harrison as co-authors.

Two weeks ago, the Berkeley City Council became the latest city to partially defund its police department — slashing $9.2 million from its budget. The cuts, which amounted to a 12% reduction in the police department budget, helped offset a city budget deficit of $39 million.

So Berkeley is going to spend money to save money. Typical.  And the truth is that there will be more people killed and injured from these kinds of idiocies. Here’s a couple of old examples:

In 1976, a local police officer in North Idaho stopped a man for traveling the wrong way on the freeway. The driver whipped out a 30.30 rifle and shot the officer in the neck as the officer attempted to push the barrel of the gun away. He bled out and died on the scene. I went to high school with that officer. Traffic stops are NEVER routine.

Bothell Police officer Jonathan Shoop and Tulsa Sgt Craig Johnson both recently died during “routine traffic stops.”

I have a 2nd cousin who responded to a home for a domestic disturbance. He had a couple of other officers with him. But the man who was causing the disturbance didn’t want to talk about his thoughts, he simply shot my relative, who almost died. Today that relative is no longer in law enforcement and does motivational speaking, but has a lifetime disability from the bullet. “Crisis management” is NEVER routine. Unarmed civilians are going to simply be targets for people, whether they are trying to help or not.

Liberals in all cities across the nation who are defunding police and thinking that unarmed civilians are better for the job are dangerously deluded.

Fox noted:

In a joint statement, the police unions for Los Angeles, San Jose and San Francisco said that reckless driving, speeding and driving while under the influence are all dangerous “traffic” enforcement violations.

“We do not believe that the public wants lax enforcement of those incidents by non-sworn individuals,” the unions said. “Traffic stops are some of the most dangerous actions police officers take. What happens when the felon with an illegal gun gets pulled over by the parking police? Nothing good, we’re sure of that.”


Featured photo: Berkeley police cruiser via Wikipedia



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This article has been corrected to reflect the actual agency of Jonathan Shoop

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    Okay.. So how do you have Un-Deputized Citizens make you pull over?…

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