Berkeley Antifa Thugs Vandalize USMC Recruiting Office

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Berkeley Antifa thugs were filmed vandalizing a US Marine Corps Recruiting station on Shattuck Avenue during Sunday’s “protests.” The man who filmed the incident, Ford Fischer, was told to “Get the fuck back. Cops aren’t here. They won’t help you.”

Too bad a group of Marines weren’t present on Sunday, the vandals would have been in a world of hurt.

The following is typical of the mainstream media: they only want to cover the violence and nothing else.

Police attempted to ban people from wearing “masks, scarves or bandannas or anything covering their faces except for religious or medical reasons.” But videos taken of the demonstrations, however, showed numerous people, primarily Antifa, who were wearing masks, as in Mr. Fischer’s video above. The “Black Bloc” deliberately wears clothing that covers their faces to make it difficult to prosecute them.

As of our writing yesterday evening, 20 arrests had been made.

Here is Mr. Fischer’s YouTube video of the protests.


Ford Fischer is the co-founder and editor in chief of N2SReports (News to Share). His coverage of the clashes from Portland to Berkeley were posted on Twitter. He is scheduled to be on Fox News tonight at 7:45 pm EDT.

Featured photo: Twitter screenshot via @FordFischer

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