Berkeley – Alt-Left Antifa Violently Attacks the Right at Rally

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On Sunday, a Berkeley “No to Marxism” rally started off peacefully…that is until at least 100 black clad Antifa rioters showed up and began violently forcing them out of the park. Nearly a dozen arrests were made, and police had to escort some of the right side folks out of the park, but police appeared to regroup and leave the streets to Antifa at one point.

The rally had been cancelled on Friday because Berkeley did not give them a permit. But several Trump supporters, and Joey Gibson- leader of Patriot Prayer – mentioned that he would be downtown all day.

The attempt to bring Conservatives voices to the Bay area has utterly and totally failed. As long as governments are in the fear/hate Conservative mode, there is no changing minds at this point.

Gibson was attacked with pepper spray, and along with his body guard, were chased behind police lines.

One of the leaders of BAMN (By Any Means Necessary), Yvette Falarca, who has openly stated that ‘violence against whites is not a crime’, posted a call  to arms:

The Daily Mail noted,

At one point, a left-wing protester denounced a Latino man holding a ‘God Bless Donald Trump’ sign.
‘You are an immigrant,’ said Karla Fonseca. ‘You should be ashamed of yourself.’
Several other people also yelled at the man, who said he was born in Mexico but supports Trump’s proposal to build a wall along the southern border.
Police pulled one supporter of President Donald Trump out of the park over a wall by his shirt as a crowd of about two dozen counter demonstrators surrounded him and chanted ‘Nazi go home’ and pushed him toward the edge of the park.
At least two people were detained by officers for wearing bandannas covering their faces.

Antifa/BAMN attacked at least two photographers, one of whom was escorted from the area by police after he was beaten. They poured urine on one man’s head,  sprayed people with mace, and created their stated goal of anarchy.

No matter whether a person disavowed racism and White Supremacists, the violent Antifa squads did not care and attacked anyway. So this is how it goes.  The Federal government MUST declare Antifa a terrorist organization and BAMN as well. It is past time!

Featured photo: Joey Gibson and his bodyguard are run out of the park by terrorist Antifa members – screenshot

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