Benghazi – Wikileaks Reveals 4 Deaths Just a “Game”

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“What difference, at this point, does it make?” To the Democrats, Benghazi was some sort of game, not the deaths of 4 Americans.
According to a Wikileaks release, they put together Hilary’s talking points for the Benghazi hearings and mocked it as “post-game.”

Or the email that suggests using “private security experts to arm the opposition.” We know now that Hillary’s State Department used Marc Turi, an arms dealer, to negotiate weapons for the Libyan rebels.

As we previously reported, in this article, DOJ Drops Case Against Arms Trader Involved in Libya, it is likely the DOJ didn’t want too much information coming out about the deals so they dropped the charges, with a couple of minor requirements.

“The “sensitive” information included details like the location of State Department officials in Libya during a time of instability in the country in 2011.”  Wikileaks email ID 42161

But what ‘difference’ does their location make? Huge when you are dealing with repeated requests for upgrades in defenses that were ignored by Hillary’s State Department. As Kris Paranto told us, the defenses were “light” at the compound, in spite of repeated requests for upgrades.

It made them all sitting ducks with the arms deals occurring there. They might as well have flashed a neon sign with a big arrow that said: “No defenses, free weapons.”

And that’s not counting the order to stand down given to the military assets that could have been dispatched to save at least two of the men’s lives.

Tyrone Woods, Glen Doherty, Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith -were victims of an incompetent power-hungry politician.  Her power-plays with jihadists got 4 Americans killed.

To Hillary Clinton, Benghazi was just another game to be played at the expense of American lives. She did not care then, nor does she care now about the families(whom she has called liars) or the nation that we all live in. Jail is almost too good for her.



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