Benghazi Hero “Tig” and Tank Discuss Current Events

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Benghazi hero John “Tig” Tiegen joined our own Rick Ferran (“Tank”) on August 7 to discuss current events in the United States. The need for Americans to rise up against what is being perpetrated in our cities and neighborhoods was a strong message.

Tig has started the United American Defense Force to counter the actions of those who are bent on destroying our way of life. But it’s not a “militia”  – it’s a way for Americans to stand together… “stand and protect.”  They have rules of engagement, they coordinate with police, there will be legal defense, etc. They don’t want people who are “keyboard warriors” – there is a probation period and a process they will have to go through.


TIRED OF THE DESTRUCTION TO OUR COUNTRY AS SOME ELECTED OFFICIALS GIVE THEM A FREE PASS? Please share this with as many friends as you can who love our country. Radical groups funded by our country’s enemies have organized plans of even more destruction and violence in the near future. Are you READY? Elected officials and Police can’t or won’t protect all of us. It’s literally up to American citizens to protect what’s ours. They are attempting to destroy our way of life as we know it.

John “Tig” Tiegen, Benghazi Warrior, is leading us in this movement called United American Defense Force (UADF)

We will need everyone to stand up and take part. YOU will be affected at some point. Don’t wait till something blows up near you. Please invite friends and associates who are proud Americans who want to protect and preserve our country and Constitution.

With Antifa rioters attacking elderly women in Portland- at least one of whom was using a walker, Tig and Tank said it was past time to do something. One of the antagonists even went so far as to  tell one elderly woman that “This isn’t your time.” They think it’s “their time.” Newsflash: they may be about to find out whose time it really is… and it’s not theirs.

On a different note, Tig’s Beyond the Battlefield Foundation is sponsoring a fitness event called Tig13 Warrior WOD on September 12, with proceeds going to Beyond the Battlefield Foundation. It will be dedicated to the 4 heroes lost in Benghazi on September 11, 2012. You can sign up for this event at The last day to sign up is September 10.

Featured photo: screenshot of Tig and Tank podcast


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