Bellingham, WA class disrespects the Pledge of Allegiance

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Bellingham, WA class disrespects the Pledge of Allegiance

A young woman recorded a shameful display of disrespect by the class and a History teacher in Bellingham, Washington. Only one young man is seen out of the entire class standing with his hand over his heart. She was so unhappy at the sight that she recorded it to share with everyone.

So pledging allegiance to the flag of the United States is now such a boring thing that even a teacher sits like a stump not bothering to show his students any leadership whatsoever.


Is America doomed?

Such a video is heartbreaking to watch. The future of this nation rests with people who apparently could care less. They have no concept of the men and women who have given their lives for that flag or the Nation it represents.

The blood that was shed for the American flag over the course of more than 200 years is now irrelevant to many. They are the future, but they are numb to real history. The truth of what our nation was founded upon and the spark that created it is irrelevant to them. True history has been erased in favor of “safe spaces” and politically correct garbage.

The young lady is right – these are the people who could make America great.  But if they continue to sit on their butts in total disrespect, that will never happen.

From Zoe Morrison:

yeah I know it’s disrespectful to be doing other things during the pledge of allegiance, but I had to record this. They can’t even at least stand up and put their hand on their chest? I mean I would understand if you absolutely couldn’t, but every one in this room is capable of it.(even the teacher?!) the pledge of allegiance is our country pledging it’s allegiance to serving to people who make it what it is. We are the people who make America great..
I failed to mention he is a History teacher, the ones that are supposed to teach us about how to respect things like this
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Bellingham, WA

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