Belgium Terror Attack- Two Police Officers, Two Civilians Killed, More Wounded

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Liege, Belgium: Vice News reported that Benjamin Herman, 36, was released from prison on a two day furlough. During that furlough he killed four people, two of which were Belgian police officers. Herman had an extensive criminal record, and reportedly converted to Islam while in prison. Take a man who had a previous long criminal record, now a radicalized jihadist and let him out of prison on a two day “vacation.”

According to local newspapers, the attacker shouted “allahu akbar.” The incident is being investigated as a terror incident.

The terror attack broke out in Liege, Belgium at around 10:30 a.m. local time at a cafe on Tuesday. Herman was carrying a box cutter, which he used to stab two police officers from behind. After stabbing them several times, he took their weapons and shot them both dead. Then he shot and killed a 22 year old man who was a passenger in a vehicle parked nearby.

He then took refuge in a nearby high school, where he took a female janitor hostage. When police arrived, a gun battle ensued. Herman deliberately targeted police, according to authorities, but was eventually shot dead during the exchange of gunfire.
At least 4 officers were wounded during the exchange, one with a severed femoral artery, according to Blue Lives Matter.

The day before, Herman killed a former prisoner he had met in jail, Michael Wilmet, by using a hammer to bludgeon him to death, according to the BBC.

Belgian police officers L-Soraya Belkacemi and R-Lucille Garcia Photo via Liege Police/BBC

Officers Soraya Belkacemi and Lucille Garcia were the two officers murdered on Tuesday. Officer Belkacemi was the mother of twins.

Featured photo: Twitter

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