Behind Enemy Lines – in the Belly of the Beast

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There is a secret resistance operating within ISIS territory- a resistance dedicated to showing the atrocities they commit. Taking even one photograph is a death sentence for these men who operate beneath the ruthless rulers of Raqqa, Syria and Mosul, Iraq.

behind enemy lines

The blood spatter logo identifies Raqqa is being slaughtered silently photos

Fox News published an account yesterday from the men who run organizations such as “Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently” and “Mosul Eye” who do everything they can  to get the word out of the evil being perpetuated by ISIS on the world.

“I have learned to be secluded because not being careful with what I say and do could cause my death. There has not been one moment I pass through an ISIS checkpoint without feeling terrified or thinking, ‘This moment might be my last,’ especially when I see them carrying lists of names for those considered heretics or outlaws… I go almost every day and stay out until the late hours, by 10 p.m., the streets are almost empty. Some days are better than others, and some days I break down.” Activist from Mosul Eye to Fox News

ISIS takes no amount of betrayal lightly- they are quick to destroy any and all opposition, even if it is the snapping of a photo against their wishes.

“The risks these people take to speak out are enormous.” Christopher Wilcke, Human Rights Watch

Behind Enemy Lines

In wars against tyrants, there have always been pockets of secret resistance, those whose fight remains largely unknown to all but a handful of people. Sometimes they fight on the battlefield of photography and public opinion, as these men do. Sometimes, as in the French Resistance of World War II, they do their level best to provide intelligence, or disrupt the enemy’s supply lines and communications. Sometimes…they take a more active role:

Example: Joan of Arc -“The Maid Of Orleans”

At 18 years of age, this woman warrior led the French army to victory over the British at Orleans. Tradition has it that she cut her hair, and donned men’s clothing after being rejected for service in the army of France at 16 years old. After many victories, she was captured by the English and their French collaborators and burned at the stake in 1431 at the age of 19. She is one person in history that saw ineffective strategy and moved to correct it…and she didn’t stop because of the weak leadership above her.

“Her ensuing strategy was underpinned with rejecting the guarded, nonaggressive strategy that characterized French leadership during the war before her arrival. The cautious approach clearly had not been effective, and Joan sought to change the approach and the tide of the war.

On May 4, led by Joan, the French attacked and captured the fortress of Saint Loup, and the next day Joan led a march to a second fortress called Saint Jean le Blanc.

Soon in front of the war council, Joan demanded another offensive, but she was rebuked and the city gates locked to prevent her from launching an attack. But Joan and a group of soldiers and townsmen unbolted the gate, and she led a charge against the main English stronghold of Les Tourelles on May 7.  During the siege, Joan was shot through the neck with an arrow, but she quickly returned to the fight, her unstoppable spirit bolstering the French resolve until the English capitulated.”

What kind of spirit do you have?

In the coming days, there will be a need for those who wish to fight for America – and indeed the world – behind enemy lines. They must be people of passion, wisdom, and perseverance. They must have an unstoppable spirit. And above all, they must have courage- the kind of courage exhibited by the men who fight ISIS with their pictures, or those like Joan of Arc from history who have stood against tyranny and given their lives to do so.  What will you do?

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