Battle-Hardened On Social Media: Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children

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Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children is appealing Facebook’s decision to take down our page and ban our founder Rick Ferran (Tank) yet again. Appealing is a long ugly process against hostile forces who hate us and everything we stand for. They attempted to take our voices yet again – but we will ultimately prevail! You can find us here temporarily at our big group: Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children. Our Instagram account is here. We’re also on Twitter @UncleSamsChild.

Silencing the opposition

Over the years we have been attacked on a regular basis. This last takedown was the 7th time. Facebook is bound and determined to silence the opinions of anyone with whom they disagree. Groups and media treat us as pariah, mostly because of lies. There are those who hate us falsely, based on unsubstantiated claims by bitter former members. There are those who mock our name. Then there are the false accusations by left-leaning groups and media.

False accusations

An article in The Atlantic – a left-leaning publication – called us “conspiracy theorists.” They used a video Rick posted on Instagram that came from One America News (OAN) that spoke of the 22 Islamist camps in the United States, a story that had been around a long time but was revisited after the New Mexico terrorist camp was exposed. Why didn’t they go after OAN instead of Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children? They also used a tweet that Tank posted simply asking a question about the coincidence of John Podesta being in New Zealand shortly before the massacre. For those two things they labeled us “conspiracy theorists.”

Asking a question is conspiracy theory now?

We have been maligned by the disgraced Southern Poverty Law Center for being an “anti-government extremist group” – we’ve never been anti-government: anti-tyranny, yes, but we’ve always been strong supporters of the United States of America and our citizens, military, and first responders who value freedom. The SPLC has been under scrutiny for racism and sexism and their founder and another leader have stepped down. They should take the log out of their own eye before accusing others that they know nothing about.

We have been constantly under attack from haters and FB “fact-checkers” on Facebook since 2009 when we started. Rick and I are “battle-hardened” to the social media bs. The lies, the fake news about us will not stop us. And personal attacks only harden us more- so keep at it, it’s a matter of principle by now.

We use the blog at our website to comment on the trending issues of the day to our followers. Our followers come from all walks of life, all races, gender, religious beliefs or none, as it says clearly on our “about” section. We also support Israel, and all the Israeli Jewish people. I can see why someone who doesn’t agree with our views may feel offended, but we state clearly we support conservative views and we post such conservative views with memes and videos just like many other conservative pages on Facebook.

Our blog articles are well researched and links are provided within the stories to go back to the news media from which they were taken. We interview veterans, first responders, and citizens from all walks of life both active and retired on a regular basis, as well as political figures.

Here are some of these articles. Ask yourself: would a racist or “white nationalist” page write these articles?

We occasionally do a poignant reminder to remember our veterans with PTSD:

This article was created from an interview with a Native American veteran:

Here are Rick and an African American follower talking about our constitutional rights.

Here’s another video with another one of our followers

A podcast with a Mexican American comedian

My appeal is to ask all of those who are reviewing Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children Facebook page to put your opinions aside and do an actual fair analysis of my company brand. Yes, we are nonpolitically correct at times just like many thousands of other pages on Facebook but there’s not a single evidence other than posts that someone with liberal biased views would not support, but that is no reason to take down our Facebook page or claim we are racist. I sincerely believe it’s preposterous of any person, group or Facebook to claim we are racist, when we can prove we are not.

During our time on Facebook, our following grew to 2,260,000. Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children also helped bring relief to Texas Hurricane Harvey victims

The fact is, those who call us “white supremacists” or “white “nationalists” or “racist” or conspiracy theorists are liars. They do it strictly because they hate Conservatives of any kind, regardless of what stripe they might be, even a Cuban Marine Corps veteran like Rick Ferran. Some people simply hate Rick because he’s the founder of Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children. Some of them spread lies because they want the platform he built. They can pound sand. We will not be silenced!

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  • Cochise

    Don’t let the psychological warfare get to you, learn to use it back against the tyranists. High time we rise up against radical left the true name of Democrats TYRANNY

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