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BAT Defense has programs that take firearms training to a higher level. This article will go over some of the upcoming trainings, and give you an idea of what to expect. While you’re shooting out of a vehicle, or shooting from a helicopter, they can train you well. Sound like fun? Jeff Cotto is the mover and shaker behind the programs and he knows his firearms and how to train others in the use of them in special situations. His training could save your life!

January 19 is the Vehicle Threat Interdiction course (VTI). Be sure to check out the links to the website listed below:

Vehicle Threat Interdiction link is here
VTI will provide students with the knowledge to successfully demonstrate competence in worldly scenarios involving vehicles. This course will teach students proper weapon manipulation techniques for specific use in close proximity to vehicles. The primary focus of instruction will be to show how to successfully utilize handguns and carbines, both around and inside vehicles, and use these seemingly obtrusive objects to their advantage.
• Proper gear selection and placement for vehicles
• Cover and Concealment around Vehicle
• React to contact front, left, right, rear
• Movement under fire
• Weapon malfunctions manipulation around vehicles
• Improvised shooting positions
Students provide their own ammo: 600 rounds for handgun and 600 rounds of carbine
Weapon systems – A serviceable and practical handgun
                                – A serviceable and practical carbine 
• Cleaning kit  
• 3- 5 working magazines for each weapon system
• Ear pro / Eye pro
• Proper  gun belt to support equipment
• Carbine magazine pouches, Battle belt, or Chest rig
• A holster and magazine pouch that will retain equipment when moving
• Tools that work on your weapon system
• Weapons lube
• Water
• Knee and elbow pads (optional)
• Gloves (optional)

Aerial Target Interdiction at this link

Our ATI course will take students into an aerial platform and train them in multiple methods of aerial marksmanship. Students will engage targets from multiple methods of approach which include at a hover, a standard gun run & at a serpentine approach. This course will create shooters that can engage targets ACCURATELY and EXPEDITIOUSLY from an aerial platform.

“In this course, students will go through a classroom phase, a ground school phase and the Aerial Target Interdiction phase. 
In the classroom portion students will go through orientation. This consists of familiarization of the range,  safety considerations, aerial marksmanship, aircraft safety, and actions on the HLZ. Immediately following the classroom, students will head out side to the helicopter and receive the aircraft safety brief from the pilots to ensure maximum safety throughout the course. 
The “Ground School” phase consists of students learning multiple shooting positions for aerial marksmanship. This is conducted on a static helicopter on the ground with multiple targets. Students will go through the hand signals for commence fire, cease fire and shift fire to a new target. Malfunctions, target transitions and mag changes are some of the objectives taught in this phase. 
Finally, the students will get some flight time as they go into our ATI phase of the course. Students will be walked out to the bird and handed a rifle and magazines for the upcoming course of fire. Upon takeoff, students will get the “1 minute out” call which informs the students to be ready for the signal to engage targets. With the designated hand signal, students will be cleared “HOT” and start to engage multiple targets of opportunity throughout the designated flight pattern.” Jeff Cotto, BAT Defense

Upcoming course schedule:

January 2019 __ Vehicle Threat Interdiction course

26 January __ Aerial Target Interdiction course

16 February 2019 __ Pistol 1 course

16 March 2019 __ Carbine 1 course

20 April 2019 __ Home Defense course

18 May 2019 __ Vehicle Threat Interdiction course

15 June 2019 __ Pistol 2 course

20 July 2019 __ Carbine 2 course

17 August 2019 __ Home Defense course

21 September 2019 __ Vehicle Threat Interdiction course

19 October 2019 __ Pistol 3 course

16 November 2019 __ Carbine 3 course

21 December 2019 __ Home Defense course


There are 2 aerial courses coming up in January.

19 January in Palmbay, FL  $1,600

26 January in Blakely, GA $600

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