BAT Defense Bahamas Hurricane Relief Effort

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The United States dodged the bullet of Hurricane Dorian, but the Bahamas took a direct hit. It devastated Abaco Island and Grand Bahama Island. BAT Defense Bahamas Hurricane Relief effort could use your help.

Jeff Cotto, BAT Defense CEO, told us:

Our Search & Rescue operations and supply drops continue in the Bahamas. Thanks for all that donated either privately or on our link. 
If you want to become part of the team, please email:

We need funding for supplies and flight time. We have to pay the aviation company to fly us around and drop off supplies. 
So the funding will go to: – supplies- flight time for supply drops- flight time for SAR (search and rescue)

BAT Defense is dropping off supplies by helicopter
Supplies being readied- photo provided by BAT Defense
Some of the devastation- Photo provided by BAT Defense

There is much more to be done. The use of helicopters to drop off supplies is extremely expensive, partly from the fuel needed. But it’s the only way to reach the areas that need supplies, as many of the roads are impassable. Even the airports were seriously damaged in Hurricane Dorian.

Hurricane Dorian held position over Grand Bahama Island for two days, barely creeping along at 1 mph. It struck Abaco Island at full Category 5 capacity the day before. It was the strongest hurricane to strike the Bahamas in recorded history, according to Relief efforts had to wait until the storm moved on.

The official death toll was listed as 44 at last count. But residents believe there are considerably more than that who are missing or dead. BAT Defense is working on Search and Rescue along with dropping supplies.

If you would like to donate to help in the BAT Defense hurricane relief effort, go to their GoFundMe account. We can’t all go down to the Bahamas, and that would create logistical problems anyway. But we can help their relief effort by donating so they can help the people of the Bahamas recover from the hurricane.

Featured photo: Provided by BAT Defense. This island was once a lush, green tropical paradise. It is now void of anything resembling green, and many buildings were levelled.


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