BAT Defense and Agrios Training,Vehicle Threat Interdiction Training with Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children

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Bat Defense and Agrios Training teamed up with Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children to provide hands on practice in Vehicle Threat Interdiction Training on July 15, 2017. At Ancient City Shooting Range in St. Augustine, Florida, attendees shot through windshields, side windows, across the hood, and got up and moving, even using heavy weights. They even got to ‘save hostages.’

“There is a lot to learn and you won’t learn it in one session.  With someone like me trying to zone in on new skills, all I can say is Bat Defense always makes you feel you are in good hands around a team of real professionals.” Rick Ferran, AKA Tank

Tank and War Pig with the BAT Defense team

Those attending were monitored by the instructors and received helpful tips as they moved. The running practice included 140 lb weights – Tank had little problem picking them up (and doing about 10 reps), but most of the others struggled to do so. Some shoved them end over end, others dropped them each time they attempted to pick them up.

Tank picks up 140 lbs like it was no big deal.

Tank does reps


Kinda heavy?

And for those of you who weren’t paying attention, War Pig didn’t “vandalize” that car bumper, the car was set up to use as a training tool in the first place. It just happened to have a “Coexist” sticker on it. After the attendees all shot through the glass in that car, and threw shell casings into the windshield well…it had some issues anyway. But they didn’t wreck it too bad. And now it has a decent answer to the Coexist sticker.

A minor adjustment in the message

The car had a hatch full of weapons that the students used to neutralize any threat  in or around a vehicle.

War Pig is ready for anything

The students also were shown how to charge forward, firing their weapons at the same time. While that seems basic, it’s not exactly easy. It’s simple to walk or run without firing, but not as easy to make sure that firing while walking is done safely and accurately in the midst of the movement. Dropping the magazine and continuing is something that requires practice.

Tank on the range, walking toward the targets

“My two favorite parts of this training exercise were saving the two hostages. It was the most difficult part for me – having to control accuracy while charging and hitting the target. I am sure I will get better with practice. The second was the Agrios Training. I loved having to go from picking up objects that weighed 140 lbs to rifle and handgun firearm training. It was the best part and even though I finished 3rd no one wanted to do a rematch so I am looking forward to the next one.”  Rick Ferran aka Tank

They shot through the glass in the car from inside and over the top of the hood on the outside, as well as using the doors for cover. BAT Defense and Agrios set up barriers at the range to practice with as well.

These kinds of trainings are just the beginning, there will be more at a later date. BAT Defense provides the weapons, all you need are 100 rounds of ammo and shooting glasses. And remember…Florida is hot. Dress accordingly.

“I got out of the Marine Corps in ’97 it has been over twenty years since I have gotten anything remotely close to what #BatDefense training is bringing. Anyone can attend these training sections. #BatDefense is going to be all over Florida soon and in various states. So make sure you follow them to know when the next training will be and likely I will be there as well!” Rick Ferran aka Tank, Communism Survivor & US Marine Veteran


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