Bashir Mohamed Qorgab, Al-Shabab “Senior Terrorist” Killed

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Bashir Mohamed Qorgab, aka Bashir Mohamed Mahamoud, was a “senior terrorist commander” in Al-Shabab, the Al-Qaeda affiliate in Somalia. He had been a member of its executive council since the group’s founding in 2008 but was reportedly recently “fired.”  The US military in conjunction with the Somali army allegedly took him and another terrorist out in an air strike on February 22 in the southern Jubba region.  The incident was reported by Somali State Radio, and though AFRICOM has not directly commented, they did issue a generic press release on Feb 22 stating that 2 terrorists were killed:

The family of Qorgab has supposedly confirmed his death as well as the broadcast.

The BBC reported,

“The US issued a reward of $5m (£3,8m) in 2008 for information on the whereabouts of Bashir Mohamed Qorgab.

The US carries out frequent air strikes in Somalia to target militants. It has not yet commented on the report. Qorgab’s family confirmed his death.

He was in charge of attacks on military bases, and was also involved in operations in Kenya, the report said.

Qorgab was killed on 22 February in the southern Somali town of Sakow, following a joint operation by the Somali army and US military, Somali state radio reported.

…Al-Shabab is linked to al-Qaeda and controls much of southern and central Somalia.

It has also carried out a wave of bombings in neighbouring Kenya, and is regarded as the most dangerous militant group in the region.

Last month, the group’s fighters attacked a base in Kenya used by Kenyan and US forces, killing three Americans – a US military service member and two contractors.”  

Rumor had it that Qorgab had an argument with the leader of Al-Shabab and planned to break away. It was said that he was stripped of his rank in the terrorist organization for “attacking civilians.” Terrorists, and Al-Shabab in particular, routinely target civilians, so whether or not that rumor is true is debatable.

In December, a truck bomb in Mogadishu killed at least 80 people and wounded dozens of others, according to the Independent UK. Hundreds of civilians in Somali have been killed by the terror group.

IF the report of Qorgab’s demise is true, then it simply reinforces the President’s warning to terrorists:

“Our message to the terrorists is clear: You will never escape American justice.  If you attack our citizens, you forfeit your life.” President Trump 

Photo of Al-Shabab terrorists screenshot via


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