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Kyle Chapman, 41, also known as #BasedStickMan from the Berkeley March4Trump on Saturday, has become a sort of folk hero for defending Trump supporters against Antifa/Black Block Communists. Unfortunately, he has been charged with 6 felonies: Concealed Knife, Assault with a Deadly Weapon not a firearm, Rioting, Having possession of pepper spray, tear gas, and a stun gun.

He is out on bail now, thanks to a supporter. His arraignment was today in Oakland.

Another view

On Saturday, when the leftists dressed in black surrounded a Trump supporter and were trying to drag him off, Chapman beat them back with a stick. He cracked that stick over someone’s head and it broke.

Others also hit people with a stick, fighting not far from Kyle. Having to beat off the leftists is a sad commentary on America politics. But it was clearly necessary, since the Black Block/Antifa crowd seemed to be out for blood.

Chapman was arrested and charged with 6 felonies for defending the Trump supporters. They will try to make an example of him, even though there were many on the opposite side who were also wielding weapons of sorts. The media outlets reporting the incident made no distinction between those arrested- whether they were Trump supporters or leftists, which left the readers to assume.

Black Block/Antifa supporters arrested at the March4Trump – Screenshot

A total of ten people were arrested, four for assault with a deadly weapon. Kyle was among them.

Self Defense

Before you say he shouldn’t have dressed in a gas mask and had all those items, there is a precedent: During the riots in Berkeley over the Milo Yiannopolous situation, the leftists were pepper spraying many people, hitting them, and becoming violent. If the situation people are walking into is known to have potential for violence, self-defense is something that is everyone’s legal right.

It’s a sad state of affairs that people can’t even go to a Trump rally without having to be armed because of left-wing violence.

Berkeley students chanted “Out of Berkeley” at the March4Trump attendants. They seemed oblivious to the idea that the Trump supporters had a right to be there. They created an atmosphere of tension.

Kyle’s family has been threatened now by left wing groups.

Standing with Patriots

We at Uncle Sam’s have been repeatedly saying that these violent clashes are what the left wants- they are deliberately trying to make Trump supporters look bad. The left claims that Trump supporters are trying to make them look bad. We are not in favor of violence, we want to make that abundantly clear. But we do stand with Patriots who have to defend themselves against the radical element that now exists in so many places across the country.

A good attorney should be able to show self defense from the videos. Kyle’s wife set up a GoFundMe account, but it was taken down because they do not do criminal defense accounts. A legal defense fund has been set up at WeSearchR, and you can donate to Kyle’s wife at PayPal.There are no donations showing at her PayPal account, but the WeSearchR account has increased dramatically to over $60,000.


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