Barricades Coming Down at CHOP?

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It appears that the “Summer of Love” is about to end in Seattle. Maybe. Police stood by in case the participants tried to cause trouble as city crews removed the concrete barricades to CHOP on Tuesday morning. As soon as the concrete barricades were removed on one street, CHOP participants cobbled together anything they could to put some sort of barricades back up at 10th and E. Pine.

After one Twitter user noted that one of the CHOP participants was wearing an Oregon hoodie, reporter DeeDee Sun stated, “I’ve talked with people here who are here from Portland, LA, etc. Many of the remaining still here ARE from the area though.”  

A tank might get their attention. Police told Fox that at present there were no plans to remove the barricades around the East Precinct.

According to Fox: “As of Tuesday morning, no plans had been set in place to remove the other concrete barriers in front of the abandoned East Precinct, according to Seattle Police Department Assistant Chief Adrian Diaz.”

Twitter users had a field day, with one suggesting that the protesters move over to Mayor Jenny Durkan’s house.

“Yeah, and when they get done there, they need to go straight to the mayor’s office and arrest her for negligent homocide.” @Veronica31378

“The shocking part is that this was A.) allowed in the first place and B.) not taken down immediately. Huge failure of local government.” @NewsCloset

“All the babies can now run home to their mommy and daddy’s now that there inner city camping trip is over. #chop #Losers ” @LogelinMike

“It’s been real, it’s been fun, but it hasn’t been real fun…” @PapaKelch

“Can we see a tank at least once in 2020? Long overdue in my book.” @econolith

“Any city council member that that wants police budget cut needs to be voted out of office. Let them wear the badge one day and see what they have to say about cutting.”@1NWBRONC

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