Barbra Streisand threatens to leave…Hey Babs- Don’t Let the Door…

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“If Hillary Clinton wins the election, I’m moving to Australia.”

After reading that, you’re probably wondering, “Who the hell is Dave Emanuel, and why should I care?”

If that’s your response, I would challenge you to consider whether it would be any different if you knew who I am. (I am, after all, a legend in my own mind.)

Would the fact that my name had become a household word cause you to think that my opinion and a pledge to leave the country were more meaningful than if I were just someone whose name you had never heard before?

Seriously – do celebrity opinions matter? No

Hopefully, it would not. The fact that a person has achieved some amount of fame (or infamy) does not make that person’s opinion of any more significance than your next-door neighbor’s.

In fact, it may have less significance because your neighbor may be far more educated and intelligent than some actor, singer or athlete whose name is widely known because of talents that have nothing to do with political belief or knowledge of world affairs.

Barbra Streisand – just another liberal

Those were my thoughts when I read about Barbra Streisand’s threat (I consider it more of a promise, although one I suspect will be broken) to move out of the country if Donald Trump is elected president.

Streisand is unquestionably a great singer, which she apparently thinks makes her opinion is more valuable than that of someone who needs a bucket to carry a tune.

Yet, her voice and the attendant fame do not alter the fact that Streisand is just another liberal spewing regurgitated left wing pablum.

barbra streisand

Willing to turn her back on her country

Streisand is certainly entitled to express her opinion; it’s one of the benefits of living in the country she wants to leave if a pathological liar isn’t elected president.

Yet, in claiming she will leave if Trump wins the election, she apparently thinks her opinion carries more weight than it does. For every person offering a high five and a goodbye kiss, there is at least one other saying, “goodbye and good riddance.”

The latter response isn’t a simple consequence of disagreement with Streisand’s position, it’s a recognition of her expressing a willingness to turn her back on her country.

Childish games by childish people

Streisand is cut from the same mold as the playground whiner who picks up his or her marbles and goes home because no one wants to play a particular game.

Like other “celebrities” threatening to leave if Trump wins the presidential election, Streisand is also saying her opinion is more important than that of a majority of Americans.

In essence, if more than 50% of the voting population favors Trump, Streisand views the country as having become an undesirable place for her to live.

Temper tantrums

And like her fellow turncoats, I suspect she is so consumed with her own perceived self-importance that she doesn’t have a clue that most people either don’t care if she leaves, or will send her cautionary messages about a door contacting her derriere.

Yet, Streisand’s statement comes as no surprise. We should expect nothing less of liberal elitists than to flee when things don’t go their way.

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