Bankrupting the NRA – Four States Join Actions Against Carry Guard

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Thus far there are four states that have targeted the NRA program known as “carry guard.” It’s an insurance program that protects law abiding gun owners in any legal action as a result of self- defense actions. Fox News reports that California, Washington, New Jersey and New York say that the insurance is protecting “illegal” activity. More states could join the plan.

The insurance is only for legal gun owners who are facing civil or criminal liability expenses when they’ve used their weapon in self defense. It has never been intended for “illegal activity.”

“I am calling on states across the country to join New York to outlaw this absurd program that insures intentional criminal conduct. … If the NRA goes bankrupt because of the State of New York, they’ll be in my thoughts and prayers.” Andrew Cuomo

He’s wrong. But that’s never stopped liberals from going the extra mile to destroy both the NRA and legal gun ownership.

The states have targeted the insurance based on “licensing” and issued “cease and desist” orders against the NRA’s program. Even though the NRA went to great lengths to comply with state regulations on the program. Cuomo sent letters to all the states urging action to stop Carry Guard. He’s up for re-election, by the way, and he’s up against an NRA supporter.

FACT, a watchdog group, is looking into possible collusion between Attorney Generals, and has filed Freedom of Information requests with 21 states. Previously they found collusion between Attorneys General in several states that were planning to target skeptics of “climate change” according to Fox News.

The NRA has filed a First Amendment lawsuit  against New York. The court is mulling whether to dismiss it.

The concerted effort to bankrupt the NRA comes as information on Obama’s “Operation Choke Point” was revealed. It was similar in nature- and had plans to bankrupt businesses.

The Washington Examiner reported,

Operation Choke Point was a plot by President Obama’s Department of Justice, the Federal Deposit Insurance Commission, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and other government agencies to cut off banking and financial services for small businesses and industries that they deemed to be political enemies or otherwise undesirable.

Some of these businesses included gun stores, ammunition shops, fireworks stores, small dollar lenders, and home-based charities.

Some government officials tried to deny the existence of the program.That includes former CFPB director, Richard Cordray, who dodged questions from Sen. Mike Crapo in 2014 as to the CFPB’s participation in Operation Choke Point. Yet in that same year, Cordray warned banks against doing business with “… unscrupulous lenders and their payment processors.”

Cordray was not alone in trying to hide the truth about this operation. Officials from the DOJ and FDIC all worked to keep the program’s existence from the public and to bury the truth. Finally, however, the truth is now being unmasked.

The left will go to any lengths to take away our guns. Back doors, front doors, side doors. Keep your eyes open.



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