Ban Assault Weapons – Florida Anti-Gun Plan for a Constitutional Amendment

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The rallying cry of the anti-gun left in Florida: Ban Assault Weapons! Since the Florida legislature has failed to move on it, because it went down to defeat after the Parkland shooting, they’re still trying to get it on a ballot initiative. A petition is currently making its way around the state, that has gained over 100,000 signatures so far.

The petition starts off on the totally wrong foot: “The right of the people to keep and bear arms in defense of themselves and of the lawful authority of the state shall not be infringed, except that the manner of bearing arms may be regulated by law.”

Talk about twisting the words of the US Constitution. That sentence does it. The leftists refuse to actually understand the intent of the 2nd Amendment or the historical facts behind it. But they ARE revealing the very reason for the 2A in the first place: egregious actions by a government.

The Sun-Sentinel editorial board penned an op-ed that directly stands with the anti-gunners in the state entitled: “Don’t let them silence us. Sign the petition. Help ban assault weapons.” It’s a typical left-wing media push to ban assault weapons. They claim that locals are in favor of the petition and no one from outside the state is pushing it. But pressure from every anti-gun group in the country always arrives when such initiatives are proposed.

‘Ban Assault Weapons’

The ‘ban assault weapons’ wording only applies to semi-automatic rifles, not handguns. It leaves out AR-handguns, but includes .22 rifles. Florida has over 2 million active concealed carry permits, which is probably why they left out handguns. There are “tens of millions” of .22 rifles in the United States, nearly all of which fit the legal definition in the petition.

a) Assault Weapons – For purposes of this subsection, any semiautomatic rifle or shotgun capable of holding more than ten (10) rounds of ammunition at once, either in a fixed or detachable magazine, or any other ammunition feeding device. This subsection does not apply to handguns. b) Semiautomatic – For purposes of this subsection, any weapon which fires a single projectile or a number of ball shots through a rifled or smooth bore for each single function of the trigger without further manual action required. c) Ammunition-feeding device – For purposes of this subsection, any magazine, belt, drum, feed strip, or similar device for a firearm.

Ban Assault Weapons petition

The Florida Constitutional Amendment they are hoping for is not an easy play. But they apparently are hoping for ignorant voters who don’t know the state, or understand the definitions in the proposed law. Florida has many snowbirds that do not reside there all year round. Many locals are not happy about this move.

The organizers of the Florida referendum have collected 100,000 signatures. That is the first step to put the Constitutional amendment on the ballot.  From

The organizers have a long way to go. To put a Constitutional amendment on the ballot, they need 76,620 signatures to have the ballot title and summary approved by the Secretary of State. That is the purpose of the initial 100,000 signatures.

Then the organization has to collect another 666,200 valid signatures, for a total of 766,200, to have the measure put on the ballot for the 2020 election, possibly more, if some of the first 100,000 are determined to be invalid.

Once the measure is on the ballot, it has to be approved by 60% of the voters in the election to become an amendment of the Florida Constitution.

If it passed with 60% of the vote in 2020, it would immediately be challenged as unconstitutional under the Second Amendment of the United States. The Heller decision, while it was about handguns, clearly stated the Second Amendment that

“extends, prima facie, to all instruments that constitute bearable arms, even those that were not in existence at the time of the founding.” 554 U.S. 570, 582, 595 (2008).”


When Washington State passed I-1639, it saw a flood of anti-gun billionaires and media pressing to make it happen. Fighting it was extremely expensive, and fighting it failed. Will that happen in Florida? The initiative could win, with the anti-gunners and big money behind it. That’s why Floridians who love their freedom should stand up and fight with everything they’ve got. Say NO to ban assault weapons!


Featured photo: a Marlin 60 – .22 fits the definition of “assault weapon” in the Florida petition. It holds 17 rounds. Screenshot via The Shooting Channel in 2015.

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