Baltimore WWII Army Veteran Murdered in His Pajamas

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As we reported on Tuesday, Baltimore is experiencing more than its share of murders. Wadell Tate, 97, was a US Army veteran who served in Germany during WWII. He was bludgeoned to death while still in his pajamas. His family found him on July 21.

“We don’t have any tips that are leading us in the right direction of who that coward is that’s walking the streets right now. And it should rally the entire community — not just the Darley Park community, the entire community of Baltimore — to hunt down and find the evil, despicable human being responsible for this act.” T.J. Smith, Baltimore police spokesman to the Baltimore Sun

Tate was vulnerable, they wouldn’t have needed to bludgeon him. Police have been canvassing the neighborhood for clues. Mr. Tate’s bedroom had been tossed and his house ransacked, but police and family were unable to locate anything missing.

97 Years old, taken too soon

“He still had life in him. He wanted to live.”  Louise Cuffie, one of Tate’s neighbors

Tate’s Darley Park rowhouse had been the family home since 1956 when he and his wife, Mary Ruth, purchased it. In spite of the changes around him, he refused to leave. They were one of the first Black families on the street back then.

They raised three daughters and a son in a house that had one bathroom, and 3 bedrooms.

Back then it was a nice neighborhood. Neighbors left their doors unlocked.  Children played by shade trees, and always under the supervision of neighbors.

What changed?

Peter Hermann wrote (read more about the incident in his article):

“Darley Park’s blight arrived as it did for many other parts of Baltimore — disappearing manufacturing jobs, white flight that accelerated after the 1968 riots and, finally, the crack-cocaine epidemic of the 1980s and 1990s. Crime soared. Tens of thousands of residents fled.

In Tate’s neighborhood, the homeowners gave way to renters, the drug dealers set up shop, and the trees disappeared. Darley Park became a place to avoid, and its red-brick rowhouses were increasingly abandoned.”

Baltimore has been slowly demolishing  neighborhoods like Darley Park in an effort to change the hopelessness of the people. While making things “new” is an idea, it will not change the underlying problems in the city. As long as drugs are at the core of the issue, and money is to be made, there will be no real changes.

The Mayor will be releasing her plan for changing the city today- Wednesday.

  • Thomas Stocker

    Our countries veterans, seniors deserve better. A true hero a man that stood his ground. God be with you.

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