Baldwin Motorsports President Accosted by Suspects with Gun. One Suspect Deceased.

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Baldwin Motorsports President BJ Baldwin is a 7 time off road racing champion, and twice has won the Baja 1000 Race. He is also a well known second amendment proponent with a valid concealed carry permit. Not the kind of guy anyone should target. But they did early Wednesday morning, and only one of them lived to regret it.

Baldwin Motorsports

BJ Baldwin of Baldwin Motorsports- photo by “GetSomePhoto”

BJ and his girlfriend were having a late night dinner in the parking lot of In-N-Out Burgers on Tropicana Avenue in Las Vegas when they were approached by two men, one of whom was armed, according to CBS8.

The armed man began shooting after a brief exchange of words, and according to a statement by Baldwin Motorsports, BJ and his girlfriend took cover and he returned fire, killing one suspect. The other suspect fled the scene, and at last notice, were looking for him.

“At some point gunfire was exchanged between the deceased male and the male who was having dinner in the parking lot. At this point, we know more than 15 rounds were exchanged in the parking lot.” Metro Lt. Ray Spencer

Just prior to the incident, an attempted burglary occurred at a nearby gun store. Police did not yet know for certain whether the two men were suspects in that incident.

baldwin motorsports

An attempted burglary at this gun shop occurred shortly before the shooting in the parking lot.

Baldwin Motorsports released a statement that BJ and his girlfriend left the scene and called police. He is cooperating with the investigation. Police stated that a woman who had a relationship with the deceased person retrieved the suspect’s gun. The media accounts did not say what she did with it or if she gave it to police, just that she took it. (Odd for the scene of a homicide investigation to allow a weapon to be removed.)

At this juncture, police are calling the incident justifiable homicide – self-defense.

Featured photo: screenshot via CBS8


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