Autonomous Zone Attempts Fail in Asheville, Nashville, Chicago, Portland So Far

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So far so bad, for the anarchists who want to start an autonomous zone like Seattle’s in other cities. Some cities weren’t in the mood to allow Antifa and company to destroy their property. (Daily Wire)

Nashville, TN

A “Free Capitol Hill Rally” was held Friday evening with the avowed purpose of taking control of Legislative Plaza “for the people.” Which is a statement of pure leftist propaganda. Anarchists only allow specific “people” inside their little ‘autonomous zone.’  The Seattle gaggle of goons demands ID, protection payments, and even shoves out anyone who “doesn’t belong.”

Screenshot of police removing barricades in Asheville

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee warned protesters that an autonomous zone would not be tolerated. In Tennessee, occupying state property is a Class A misdemeanor after the “Occupy Nashville” situation that began in October of  2011.

The protesters were threatening to build one similar to Seattle’s CHAZ. No luck with that.

It never materialized. Nothing happened. Gotta love it when leftist plans fail.

Asheville, NC

Protesters built their tent city along Livingston street and declared themselves “autonomous” from the laws of the United States. Police moved in and dismantled their barricades, and tent city. No camping on public property. No blocking the streets from traffic.

Protesters were incensed. One of them wrote:

“Update on #Asheville autonomous zone. Every cop in Asheville showed up, proving they have nothing better to do on a Friday night. Tore down barricade. As of 11pm est, <100 demonstrators remaining. Need more people & support. Many will be back tmrw. This is only the beginning.”

Another anarchist fail. Will these bozos be back? Probably, but it will fail then, too as long as police continue to dismantle their garbage.


The worst example of trying to put up an “autonomous zone” occurred in Chicago. A group of graduate students tried occupy  the University Police building on campus. Police blocked them from using the bathooms, or having outside food delivered.

These would-be anarchists weren’t prepared for police who weren’t interested in allowing people to occupy their building. It forced the group to use a tent at the back of a room to use as a bathroom. (Imagine the smell of that in a confined space. ugh).

Portland, Oregon

So far, a similar attempt in Portland, Oregon has also failed in spite of their leftist Mayor. Protesters erected a fence, but abandoned it a day later. The Portland Police Chief resigned and turned the department over to black Lieutenant Charles Lovell. He was sworn in as the 50th Portland Police Chief on Thursday.

But by 2 a.m., the “autonomous zone” was abandoned by protesters, according to the Washington Examiner.

Featured photo: screenshot of protesters grab fencing in a vain attempt to set up an autonomous zone in Portland.


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