Authoritarian Abuse of Power: California Skateboard Parks Buried Under Sand

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San Clemente, California dictators filled a popular skateboard park with 37 tons of sand to keep kids out. They have gone from concerns of “public health” to nazi-like nastiness. And the city never notified the organization that paid for the park that they were doing it. But they weren’t alone- other communities followed suit and buried their skateboard parks too. (Daily Wire)

People wanting – needing- to get out of the house were bringing their kids to the skateboard park. Authorities decided they were violating “social distancing” and moved to prevent them. Hence, deep sand now makes skateboarding impossible. And other communities followed:

Ted Cruz was quick to respond to the travesty:

“Clearly, the greatest public- heath threat imaginable…a kid on a skateboard. Young people, remember, this is what Big-government statist Democrats do—they take away your freedom. And to all the Lefties defending California’s idiocy, skating alone poses ZERO public health threat to anybody. You want to enforce social distancing in public spaces, fine, but filling a skate park with sand—so nobody can use it—is authoritarian abuse of power.”

“Some us have been warning about inevitable government overreach and abuse of power all along. Now we have city officials not just shutting down parks- idiotic in itself- but actually going the extra mile to make them unusable for all. This is not about safety from a virus.” Buck Sexton, Conservative Radio Host

California skateboard parks filled with sand so that they can’t be used at all is a total abuse of power. People going outside is safe, it’s being cooped up with too many people that causes the virus to spread. Just look at the numbers of people stuck in nursing homes, and VA facilities, or on ships with too many people who have contracted the COVID-19 virus. Nobody got that from being out in the open air either fishing or on a skateboard. This is a totally stupid move,  one that shows the dictatorial powers of Democrats in California.

A couple of Twitter users noted:

Benton tweeted: “Let me get this straight: 1.) release prisoners from jails 2.) close a skate park for free citizens.”

Dom tweeted: “I’d rather be sick and have all of my freedom than be healthy and have no freedom. It’s disgusting how power hungry the government is.”

Covid_America tweeted:We are reaching a dangerous boiling point between those Americans who ascribe to the founder’s belief in the sacredness of freedom and those who prefer the relative “safety” of tyranny… it’s scary and appealing.”

We’ll ask you, America: are we there yet?

Featured photo: screenshot of Venice Beach filling park with sand


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