Australia – Terror Plot to Bring Down Plane Foiled

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Sydney– Australian police arrested 4 men in connection with a plot to take down a commercial airliner on Saturday. The investigation has been ongoing, but police said the danger to the public was too great so they arrested the four men, both father-son terrorist teams.

Authorities called it a “very sophisticated plot” that allegedly involved a kitchen meat grinder to be brought on board in carry-on luggage. The plot was said to have involved releasing gases into the cabin of a passenger plane to kill everyone on board.

Police confiscated “numerous pieces of evidence” from five locations in Sydney. But authorities stated that the plot was a “go,” so they had to act before all the pieces were in place.

“With terrorism you can’t wait, you can’t wait to put the whole puzzle together, you do have to go early because if you get it wrong the consequences are severe. You need to make the decision at some stage, when is the right time to go. Both (Australian Federal Police) and NSW Police agreed last night was the right time to go.” NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller

There were five places in the suburbs of Surry Hills, Lakemba, Wiley Park and Punchbowl affected by the raids. The four men allegedly had links to fighters in Syria, so police believe that it was definitely Islamist inspired. It was reported that they originally were tipped off to the plot by British authorities, which prompted the investigation.

After a Magistrate extended the time they could be held to seven days, so that police would have time to sort through the mountain of evidence collected at the houses raided.


One of the four suspects. Another was led away by police while wearing just a towel. A woman was also detained.

Security at Australia’s airports was tight, as passengers were told to expect delays, and to limit their carry on items. They were told to come two hours early for domestic flights, and three hours early for overseas flights. Domestic flights in Australia have not in the past required photo ID, but they are considering changing that.

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