Austin Bomber Blows Himself Up as Police Close In

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A 24 year old white male, Mark Anthony Conditt, detonated a bomb inside his car as an Austin SWAT team approached. The bomber died in his vehicle. Police are now concerned that there may be more deadly packages out there.

In the last 24-36 hours, according to news reports, a tip lead police to a “person of interest.” They spotted his car at a local hotel in Round Rock, Texas. As they waited for SWAT to arrive, the man started to drive away, but drove his vehicle into a ditch and stopped at the side of the road. SWAT arrived and started to approach, shots were fired, then the man detonated a bomb inside his car. An Austin police officer was reportedly injured in the blast.

“As members of the Austin Police Department SWAT team approached the vehicle, the suspect detonated a bomb inside the vehicle, knocking one of our SWAT officers back. One of our SWAT officers fired at the suspect as well. The suspect is deceased and has significant injuries from a blast that occurred from detonating a bomb inside his vehicle.” Austin Chief Brian Manley

Police confirmed that they saw his image on surveillance videos at a FedEx store in Sunset Valley.

screenshot from surveillance video of suspect

News media reported his name as Mark Anthony Conditt, 24.

The Austin Bombings had the entire city on edge for 19 days.

It is unclear if the suspect had accomplices or if there was a copycat involved. But vigilance is important now.

“We are not done yet. It is a long day ahead, we are concerned that there may be other packages that are out there. We need the public to remain vigilant, especially today as we go through this investigation. We will be here as long as it takes with our partners to figure out exactly what happened, why it happened and how it happened. This is what law enforcement does everyday in this country. The brave men and women of the Austin Police Department put their lives on the line tonight to stop this man from setting off bombs.” FBI Special Agent Christopher Combs

Press Conference update on death of suspect:

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