Attempted Kidnapping – 11 yr old Girl in Kennesaw Restroom

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Georgia – A man with a knife attempted to kidnap an 11 yr old girl in a Kennesaw restroom at the Town Center Food Court on Tuesday. It didn’t work out as he planned. He told her not to scream as he held the knife to her throat. She screamed. Her dad and two others tackled the man and held him for police.

Local news WSB reported that Danzell Mitchell is being charged with first-degree cruelty to children, attempted kidnapping, and aggravated assault.

According to Blue Lives Matter,  the girl’s father escorted her to the entrance of the restroom and waited for her there. She told authorities she didn’t notice anyone in the restroom. But when she came out of the stall, Mitchell came out of another stall and grabbed her.

“When she came out… a stall across from her opened and a male subject came out. That male subject grabbed her, produced a knife and began to move that towards her.” Cobb County Deputy Police Chief Stuart Vanhoozer

This is a lesson for all women: your scream is a weapon in itself. In this case, the perpetrator told her to be quiet. She wasn’t quiet, she let out a scream.

“When she screamed it startled him a little bit and that she was able to break free.” Deputy Chief Vanhoozer

This little girl was brave. When a man holds a knife to your throat several things can happen, either they plan rape or kidnap you, or they plan to kill you, or all of the above. Or they slice your throat at that moment.  She broke free, ran to her father and immediately pointed out the suspect.

Another kudo to her: she paid attention over and above her fear.

Her father approached Mitchell and tried to get his attention with, “Sir! Excuse Me, Excuse me!” The man responded with “I did nothing wrong.” Of course he tried to run, and a short foot chase ensued in which the father and two other patrons of the mall tackled and pinned Mitchell down until police arrived.

Mitchell appeared “distracted,” according to the child’s father. It appears there was a female involved in the incident, and police are looking for her.  She was described as thin, olive complexion, dark hair, and a pink shirt.

Police found a long handled kitchen knife in the man’s pocket. He said it was for “protection.” Not generally the kind of knife that would be carried around in a pocket.

We are traversing a day and age where men are allowed in women’s restrooms, and  little girls and women are not safe in a place where they should be safe.

Featured photo via Crimeonline/Cobb County/mall surveillance






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